Enough With Drama, Here Are Top 7 Bridgerton's Laugh-Out-Loud Moments From S3

Enough With Drama, Here Are Top 7 Bridgerton's Laugh-Out-Loud Moments From S3
Image credit: Netflix

Let's recall them together.

Bridgerton Season 3 has caused quite a stir on social media. Despite the new chapter crossing the 'one billion minutes watched' threshold on Netflix, comments about the love story of Colin and Penelope Bridgerton are not all butterflies and rainbows.

Many viewers are disappointed with the season for a variety of reasons, from the toned-down cinematography and modernized costumes to the distribution of screen time and writing. However, it is not all doom and gloom.

Fans who have already rewatched the new episodes a couple of times notice that the creators have included so many details that you can discover something new on every watch. There are lots of hilarious moments that help to dilute the drama of the story. Let's remember some of them and laugh together.

1. The Talk

It's long been established that the mothers in Bridgerton are not interested in educating their girls about sex. So when Philippa asks 'Insert himself where?' as the Featherington matriarch tries to figure out why her girls are still childless, it is not particularly surprising, but still hysterical. We swear, this family has all the best moments of Season 3!

2. The Sneeze

Albion Finch is easily Bridgerton's best and funniest character. He got a lot of great little moments in Season 3, like staring in awe at Penelope and Colin's wedding cake or sleeping on the couch in the epilogue. But his best scene has to be the sneeze during the tense moment of silence after the Queen asks Lady Whistledown to step forward. Charlotte's 'not him' just kills us every time.

3. The Bugs

The Whistledown revel has another line that will go down in Bridgerton history. When Penelope is done with her confession and the Queen accepts her as the gossip writer and leaves, everyone just stands there awkwardly. That's when Philippa saves the day with her 'Now, Varley! The bugs!'

4. The Chaperon

Portia Featherington is pure comic gold, as evidenced by the scene where she is skulking around when Colin gives Pen the engagement ring. It's like, now you're chaperoning! The combination of taking a bite of the cookie and tiptoeing away is just a chef's kiss.

5. The Reveal

The scene where Penelope, Portia, Colin and Eloise are discussing Cressida blackmailing Pen is pretty serious. But the moment when Pen admits how much money she made as Lady Whistledown while nervously screeching her neck, coupled with everyone's reaction, can't help but crack us up every time.

6. The Competitive Streak

The Featheringtons are amazing, but the Bridgertons can also be hilarious. Anthony proved it at Colin and Penelope's engagement ball. We always knew the Viscount was competitive, but the way he shouts out the names of flowers during charades ('Lilies! Forget-me-nots! LILACS!') takes it to another level.

7. The Wedding Crasher

Queen Charlotte also provided quite a few funny moments this season, from 'she is not drinking the lemonade' to the whole scene where she crashed Colin and Penelope's wedding to make the Bridgertons reveal who Whistledown is.

That moment was very tense, but made us burst out laughing a few times, like when Pen tried to slink off forgetting that she is now a Bridgerton, Francesca's sweet declaration of her love for John, and Lady Danbury boldly standing throughout the entire scene when the Queen specifically ordered only the Bridgertons to stay in the room. Pure gold.

Did you have a lot of laughs during these scenes?