Bridgerton Timeline Inconsistencies Between Season 2 & Season 3, Explained

Bridgerton Timeline Inconsistencies Between Season 2 & Season 3, Explained
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It all makes sense if you squint hard enough.


  • Bridgerton's back, baby!
  • There seem to be some timeline flubs in the new season.
  • Fans have come up with some possible explanations.

Hurrah! After a long dry spell, Bridgerton returned with Season 3 and checked all of our boxes:

  1. Kate and Anthony making out a lot
  2. The return of Newton's little corgi butt
  3. Violet Bridgerton flirting with a handsome stranger
  4. Cressida Cowper dressing like an extra from a Star Trek and Barbie crossover
  5. People screaming when hot air balloons speed towards them at 5 mph
  6. Third base in a moving carriage.

What's that? Those weren't on YOUR Bridgerton bingo card? You fools!

But it's not all bouncy corgi butts and enormous shoulder bows. The new episodes of Bridgerton also made us ask some deep, important questions. Such as:

'Umm… what exactly is this timeline?'

When Are We?

Each new season of Bridgerton begins with the opening of the London marriage mart. That means that each season takes place exactly one year after the previous one. (The events of season 1 take place in 1813, season 2 in 1814, etc.)

Season 2 ended with Kate and Anthony having 'just returned' from their 6-month honeymoon. They reluctantly rise from their bed in the country to play Pall Mall with all of the Bridgertons, including Colin.

Then, season 3 begins. Kate and Anthony have, once again, 'just returned' from their six-month honeymoon. But they aren't at Bridgerton House, they're in London. And they're very surprised to see Colin has returned from his travels.

Bridgerton Timeline Inconsistencies Between Season 2 & Season 3, Explained - image 1

So… which is the proper timeline? One where Kate and Anthony have just returned, are in the country, and Colin is with them? Or one where they have just returned, are in London, and Colin hasn't been around?

Plus, how has it been a full year? Kate and Anthony's courtship seemed to take a couple of months at most. Even adding a 6-month honeymoon to that doesn't seem to make the timing work.

A Possible Explanation

Fans have different theories on the timeline. One is that Kate and Anthony's romance, despite appearances, actually did take up six months. (Perhaps it took Kate a very, very long time to find a wedding dress.) That six months, plus another six for the honeymoon, add up to one year and the beginning of a new social season.

Others have added that perhaps the flash-forward to playing Pall Mall in the country takes place even later than the events of Season 3. After all, Kate and Anthony have decided to extend their honeymoon. Perhaps the 'recent return' mentioned at the game of Pall Mall is in reference to their second trip?

That means the timeline would look like this:

  • Season 2 Episode 1: The social season of 1814 begins. Eloise is presented at court.
  • 6 months of Kate and Anthony courtship, engagement, and wedding.
  • 6 months of Kate and Anthony on honeymoon. Colin travels.
  • Season 3 Episode 1: The social season of 1815 begins. Francesca is presented at court and Colin returns.
  • Season 3 Episode 2: Kate and Anthony decide to extend their honeymoon.
  • Season 2 Episode 8 'flash-forward' scene: Kate, Anthony, and Colin are all in the country following Kanthony's *second* six-month honeymoon.

Don't Worry About It

Of course, if we're honest, the Bridgerton timeline has always been a mess. Season 1 features the romance of Daphne and Simon. By the time Season 2 opens, Daphne has a baby that is supposed to be about 6 months old. That means she must have had the shortest pregnancy of all time.

Also, Francesca Bridgerton looked about 14 in season 1. Now the actress has been replaced by Hannah Dodd, who is 29 years old.

So how do you answer all of that? Maybe the only true response is… that it's Bridgerton, people. Sit back, enjoy the carriage scene, and try not think about it too hard.