Bridgerton Season 3: Top 5 Flashback Moments To Look Out For

Bridgerton Season 3: Top 5 Flashback Moments To Look Out For
Image credit: Netflix

Hopefully the flashbacks will be less heartbreaking this time.

Have you noticed that the Bridgerton creators have a penchant for flashbacks? And they use this narrative device ingeniously. The glimpses into the past help viewers understand the inner motivations and struggles of the characters and relate to them better.

Think of how we were horrified by Simon's relationship with his abusive father in Season 1, and how Season 2 broke our hearts with the scenes of Edmund Bridgerton's death and Violet's grief. In Queen Charlotte, flashbacks are used to show the whole story from George's point of view, focusing on his fight with mental health issues.

All these profound scenes lead us to believe that flashbacks will be a big part of Season 3, which is coming soon to Netflix in two parts on May 16 and June 13. After all, the story of Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton began long before the events of the pilot.

Here are five flashback scenes we can expect to see in Bridgerton Season 3.

Meet Cute

Pen and Colin are different from other Bridgerton couples in that they have both been established characters since day one. This puts their first meeting far in the past. But that doesn't mean we can't still experience it. Julia Queen's source book for the season provides a perfect scene for a flashback.

The Featheringtons are out for a walk and stop to talk to the Bridgertons. Suddenly, the wind blows Pen's bonnet into Colin's face, knocking him from his horse. Naturally, Pen falls in love at first sight.

Inner Demons

In true Bridgerton fashion, Season 3 must include a scene that highlights Colin's inner demons. He is younger than Anthony, but has also been deeply affected by the death of their father. More than that, he seems to have isolated himself from the family and the world for that reason or another. Beneath the mask of a perfect gentleman is a very lonely person who desperately wants to be loved.

From Bond To Awkwardness

Penelope actress Nicola Coughlan shared during a promo event for Season 3 that her character and Colin had been friends since childhood and were very comfortable around each other, but then societal norms gradually pulled them apart. This certainly calls for a beautiful flashback montage.

Colin’s Hobby

It is strange, but so far the show has focused more on Penelope with her Lady Whistledown arc than on the titular character, Colin. To even that out, Season 3 would do well with a flashback showing what the third sibling has been up to between the social seasons.

In the books, Colin writes travel journals and dreams of becoming a published author. And we hope that this search for life purpose will be reflected in the past and present scenes.

Lady Whistledown

Of course, one of the biggest storylines of Season 3 will be the hunt for Lady Whistledown. This arc is intense and full of drama, but we still don't know one important detail: how exactly did a teenage girl in the Regency era manage to start publishing a gossip column? Someone must have helped Penelope financially and emotionally. So a flashback about this is a must.

Do you think we will learn in Season 3 how the Lady Whistledown sheet was started?