Bridgerton Season 3 Part 1 May Have Foreshadowed Conclusion Of Lady Whistledown Arc

Bridgerton Season 3 Part 1 May Have Foreshadowed Conclusion Of Lady Whistledown Arc
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Part 2 is shaping up to be extremely dramatic.


  • Bridgerton Season 3 Part 1 came with a few surprises and a lot of romcom happy vibes.
  • In contrast, Part 2, coming to Netflix in June, promises to bring the drama that was missing from Part 1.
  • The main suspense is set to be built around the Lady Whistledown arc, which makes viewers nervous.
  • However, the show may have already hinted at how exactly the gossiper mess will be resolved in the end.

For many Bridgerton viewers, Season 3 Part 1 came with a number of surprises, from Colin's newfound and fake swagger to the depths to which some of the side arcs went. Perhaps the most unexpected thing about the new chapter was the change in the order of major events in the central relationship.

While in Julia Quinn's Romancing Mister Bridgerton, Colin first learns of Penelope's secret identity as Lady Whistledown and only then (after that steamy carriage ride) asks her to marry him, in Bridgerton Season 3, the writers decided to leave all the Whistledown drama for Part 2.

It's clear that the Season 3 protagonists won't be enjoying their romcom bliss for long. The Whistledown mystery is hanging over their heads, and the Part 2 teaser released on Netflix and shared by fans on social media platforms clearly states that the hunt for the elusive gossip writer is about to begin.

The Upcoming Drama

Just like in the source novel, the Netflix Whistledown is set to become the main target of the ton, as a reward is announced for her unmasking. In the book, it was Lady Danbury who set the bounty; in the show, it will be the Queen herself, which is fitting considering their long-standing rivalry.

On top of that, Eloise is one of the few who knows it's Penelope holding the quill, and she won't let her brother marry the woman with such a big secret, even if it is her best friend. And Colin himself has vowed to destroy Whistledown if he ever finds out who it is.

The walls are closing in on poor Penelope, and a happy ending for her doesn't seem like such a sure thing anymore, does it? Well, in Shondaland we trust and believe that the writers will help Pen find the best possible way out of this impossible situation.

In fact, Part 1 may have already foreshadowed exactly how the gossip writer's Season 3 mess will be resolved.

The Intriguing Scene

The moment that could have been easily overlooked, but may have meant a lot for the show's future storyline, came during one of the balls, when the Queen and Lady Danbury discussed how Charlotte's choice of the season's Diamond (Francesca Bridgerton) was so brilliant that even Whistledown could not disagree.

'Perhaps this has opened the door to a friendlier alliance between the gossiper and the Crown,' Lady Danbury tells Charlotte.

And the Queen's reply certainly gives us and Penelope hope. 'I daresay it very much has,' Charlotte says, likely taking the first step toward a peaceful resolution.

We all know how much Charlotte enjoys the games against Whistledown, and she won't want to lose that excitement in her life. Besides, for all her faults, Charlotte is a kind and fair ruler, so if Pen confesses to her, it could lead to an alliance and even official status as a royal writer.

But the first step will have to be a tough talk with Colin. And that's what we're both dreading and eagerly anticipating.

Bridgerton Season 3 Part 2 premieres on Netflix June 13 at midnight PT.

Who do you think will take the Whistledown reveal the hardest?