Bridgerton Season 3: Did They Forget to Tell the Actors About the Cuts?

Bridgerton Season 3: Did They Forget to Tell the Actors About the Cuts?
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The way Season 3 came out degrades not only the feelings of the fans, but all the hard work of the cast.


  • Bridgerton Season 3 was disappointing because of the discrepancy between expectations and reality.
  • Many moments that contributed to character development were cut in the new season.
  • It seems that the actors themselves were not aware that such key scenes would be deleted.

The third season of Bridgerton is finally over. For two whole years we've been waiting for another adaptation of Julia Quinn's novels. After all, this time it was about one of the most fan-favorite, passionate and emotional romances in the series, that of Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton) and Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan).

But as much as we love the show created by Shondaland and Netflix, as much as we admire its talented cast and the equally talented work of its costume designers, Season 3 was largely a disappointment, especially its second half. Despite all the hype generated by Netflix and the enthusiastic words of the cast, the adaptation of Romancing Mister Bridgerton was not the most successful, cutting out many scenes that were integral to the plot.

While this was undoubtedly disappointing for viewers, it's even more upsetting for the actors who poured their hearts and souls into the show, as it seems that even they didn't know how Netflix would handle Bridgerton Season 3.

The Bridgerton Cast Was Sure Season 3 Would Be the Best Yet

It seems that all the cast members were sure that this would be the juiciest and most romantic season yet, especially after the great performance of Coughlan and Newton. The latter also put a lot of effort into promoting the new Bridgerton season and spoke admiringly about it in various interviews.

'There were a lot of moments on set where we filmed something and we'd turn around and everyone was sort of clutching their chest being like "Oh my God." It was that kind of love,' the actress shared,' Nicola Coughlan told People.

Looking at the cast's social media, we're even more convinced of how much effort and emotion they put into the season.

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Season 3 Proved to Be Underwhelming

Sure, Bridgerton has always had discrepancies with the source material, but given that the first half of Season 3 kept pace with the events of the novel, we had high hopes that the rest of the season would do the same. For example, the show didn't include Will and Alice's sex scene, or the post-wedding interactions between Violet and Portia that bring the two families together. Most critically, there were far fewer Polin scenes in the season than expected.

In the book they were a real power couple, but in the show they have almost no growth as a pair. Yes, there were some steamy scenes in the show, but fans would have liked to see an even deeper exploration of their feelings. According to various reports, many moments were cut, including more intimate scenes between the two, the scene where Pen convinces Colin to publish the diaries, and of course the whole storyline where Colin helps Pen reveal her alter ego to the public.

Did The Actors Know How Much Would Be Cut?

Unfortunately, the result was nothing more than an uneven and very choppy plot with a rushed storyline of the season's main couple. Some may argue that the above points weren't that important to the narrative. However, it's important to remember that Bridgerton is not only a drama, but also a love story that brings families together and lets characters grow.

Considering how much the result differs from the cast's own expectations, it seems the producers didn't even inform the actors that many of their scenes would be cut, giving us less reason to echo the crew's 'Oh my God,' as Coughman shared.

Well, hopefully the situation will be rectified in Season 4 and justice will be done to the cast.

Source: People, Instagram.