Bridgerton S3 Hasn't Answered Question Bugging Fans Since Queen Charlotte

Bridgerton S3 Hasn't Answered Question Bugging Fans Since Queen Charlotte
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But that could be a good thing.


  • One of the biggest criticisms of Bridgerton Season 3 seems to be that there are too many subplots involving secondary characters.
  • However, there is one Bridgerverse character that part of the show's massive fandom would love to see back on screen.
  • His appearance would answer one of Queen Charlotte's burning questions.

After the Bridgerton Season 3 leaks, it became clear that the Shondaland showmakers may not be using a great deal of the materials they filmed. While fans of Penelope and Colin Bridgerton are signing the petition demanding the release of the unused romantic and steamy moments with the beloved couple, there is a whole other group of viewers who have been waiting for at least some mention of their favorite pairing. Unfortunately, they got none in the latest chapter.

Queen Charlotte's Steamiest Romance

Let's be honest, before Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, we never really noticed Brimsley, the queen's loyal right-hand man and shadow. But the spinoff shed such light on the character that he became a fan favorite.

In the prequel, Brimsley was revealed to be gay and given a love story with King George's footman, Reynolds, that not only mirrored the relationship between the royal couple, but at times surpassed it in spiciness.

As two servants living in 18th-century London, Brimsley and Reynolds didn't have many opportunities to steal a moment for happy interaction. But when they did, it was electric. Every stolen glance and touch felt passionate and exciting. Every conversation - sweet and promising. At one point, viewers even dared to hope for a happy ending for the couple. After all, their bosses had a somewhat wholesome finale.

But it was not to be for Reynolds and Brimsley.

Unanswered Question

After viewers saw the older Brimsley dancing alone to the tune of 'I Will Always Love You' in the same spot where his younger version had secretly danced with Reynolds many years before, it became clear that something painful and tragic had happened.

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The spinoff never delved into the details of the past, leaving fans hoping for a possible reunion in the new season of the parent series. However, despite the fact that Brimsley and his close bond with the queen were given more focus in the third chapter of Bridgerton, the question of what happened to Reynols was never answered, to the dismay of numerous fans.

Deleted Scene

Similar to the Season 3 cut scenes, Queen Charlotte also had some unused moments in the original script. And one of those scenes was supposed to hint at the fate of Reynols and his romance with Brimsley.

Hugh Sachs, who portrays the older Brimsley in both Bridgeton and the prequel, revealed in an interview with Vulture that the unfilmed scene showed the older version of the couple passing each other in the corridors of the palace. The moment would make it clear that the footmen never stopped loving each other, but could not be together because of the social norms of the time.

'Because of the world they inhabited, it was still a hangable offense to be gay, and it was just not possible,' Sachs explained to Vulture.

It is not clear why the showrunners decided to cut the scene and leave Reynold's arc open-ended. But there's always hope that they would come up with a better, more satisfying conclusion for Bridgerverse's first queer couple in a new spinoff or Season 4.

Well, fingers crossed.

Source:, Vulture.

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