Bridgerton S3 Finale Poses Big Problem For Show's Creators

Bridgerton S3 Finale Poses Big Problem For Show's Creators
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Looks like the question of Lady Whistledown is far from settled.


  • Bridgerton Season 3 ended with the biggest transformation of all.
  • The gossip writer of the ton, Lady Whistledwon, has gotten a new voice.
  • What does this mean for the future of the romantic series?

Dearest gentle reader! As you read these words, whose voice do you hear? We bet it is the rolling R's of the one and only Julie Andrews. However, as Bridgerton moves on after the Season 3 finale, we may have to get used to a new narrator - Nicola Coughlan who portrays Penelope Bridgerton.

End of the Era

The third chapter of Bridgerton was all about the love story of fan-favorite characters Colin and Penelope and their individual journeys. Of course, the secret gossip business of the third Featherington daughter took center stage and became the main conflict of the second part of the season.

The Lady Whistledown arc had to come to a satisfying conclusion for the main couple to get their happily ever after. So Penelope used her sisters' ball as an opportunity to come clean to Queen Charlotte and the ton.

She not only asked for forgiveness for her sometimes harsh words, but also begged the queen to let her continue writing the Whistledown column. Seeing the girl's sincerity and realizing her own attachment to the gossip sheet, Charlotte accepted Penelope as the ton's new scribe, and the society reflected her attitude.

The final moments of Season 3 see probably the biggest change in the entire chapter. The narration by Julie Andrews slowly transforms into the narration by Nicola Coughlan. Since Penelope is now using her real name in her articles, she doesn't need an intermediary to talk to the audience.

But Bridgerton still does.

Lady Whistledown's Future

Don't get us wrong: Nicola Coughlan doing the voice-over for Bridgerton from now on makes a lot of sense. And she would be excellent at it, since her mannerisms and acting are beloved by fans. However, the loss of Julie Andrews' narration could hit the Netflix show hard.

You see, Lady Whistledown, voiced by Julie Andrews, has long become more than just Penelope's secret identity. She is a mascot of sorts for Bridgerton. Her logo is on all Bridgerton merchandise, her voice accompanies viewers through every clip, teaser and trailer. Her life lessons make each episode special.

Losing that feels like the worst decision the show could make. Good thing the creators realize that. Bridgerton showrunner Jess Brownell told TheWrap that she and her team are looking for ways to keep Julie Andrews in the cast.

'It's Julie Andrews — I'm obsessed with her. I would hate to lose her from the show,' Brownell said. 'We're playing with different ideas in Season 4, and people have to wait and see where we go with that.'

Well, as vague as that sounds, we do hope Bridgerton's writers come up with a believable way to keep Andrews rolling R's on the show.

Source: TheWrap.

Who do you think should be the voice of Lady Whistledown from now on?