Bridgerton Creators Couldn't Resist Diving Back Into Their Favorite Trope, New Promo Shows

Bridgerton Creators Couldn't Resist Diving Back Into Their Favorite Trope, New Promo Shows
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Does every Bridgerton romance have to be fueled by jealousy?


  • April 3rd through April 9th is known to Bridgerton fans as Polin Week.
  • The Bridgerton creators decided to end this week on a shocking note.
  • They released a new, jaw-dropping still that has nothing to do with Polin.
  • On the contrary, the picture promises serious drama for the Season 3 leads.

This past week was a special one for Bridgerton fans rooting for the pairing of Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton, aka Polin, who are set to become the leads of the upcoming Season 3.

The seven days from April 3 to April 9 are traditionally called Polin Week because this period includes the dates of Pen's birthday - April 8 - and the day the two lovebirds first met in the original books - April 6. This is the time for fans to share fanfiction, art, clips, and other creative works about beloved characters.

However, the last day of the week was somewhat ruined by a surprising promo for Season 3. It looks like the Shondaland creators have decided to throw a new pairing into the mix, creating yet another love triangle.

Overused Trope

Fans have long noticed that Shondaland loves the love triangle trope. Seasons 1 and 2 were rife with them: Daphne picking between Simon and Prince Friedrich, Colin ruffling Penelope's feathers with his Marina shenanigans, Anthony getting tangled up with the Sharma sisters, not to mention a few subplots that delved deep into the cliché.

And now, as Season 3 approaches, it seems that Polin will not be able to escape the fate of the first two main couples. Lord Debling, played by Sam Phillips, will become their third wheel.

Of course, the concept of Season 3 always suggested that Penelope would have to communicate with other men. After all, our wallflower is determined to find a respectable, democratic husband who is not interested in interfering with her secret writing hobby. But we never knew it would get this serious.

Intimate Position

The new promo released yesterday suggests that Lord Debling and Penelope will get really cozy in the upcoming episodes.

Bridgerton Creators Couldn't Resist Diving Back Into Their Favorite Trope, New Promo Shows - image 1

Just look at that scandalous hand placement! We haven't even seen Colin get this close to Penelope yet. Some Regency-era matrons would argue that after this touch, Debling must propose.

If before this picture we thought the blond lord might just be a side character with whom Pen shares a few pleasant conversations, now his arc reeks of Edwina-Anthony-style drama.

Why Season 3 love triangle not the best idea?

You might be wondering why we are so critical of the looming love triangle in Season 3. The thing is, dragging out the Penelope-Debling courtship could be a major buzzkill. Just ask Prince Friedrich and Edwina Sharma - their love triangles didn't end well for them.

Debling sounds like a nice guy. He is an outsider, a nature lover, and a vegetarian against the social rules. So seeing him heartbroken because the woman he had his eye on has chosen another man is certainly not going to add to the viewer's enjoyment.

Besides, their long courtship will take time away from what really matters - the development of the Polin relationship, as it happened in Season 2 with Anthony and Kate.

So let's keep our fingers crossed that the new promo is just a major bait and that Bridgerton Season 3 will manage to give us the Polin romance we've been waiting for, minus the unnecessary heartbreak for poor Lord Debling.

Would you like to see more or less of Lord Debling in the new Bridgerton season?