Brace Yourselves: Virgin River Season 6 Might Include a Major Death

Brace Yourselves: Virgin River Season 6 Might Include a Major Death
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A cozy drama sometimes turns into a drama-drama.


  • The Virgin River Season 5 finale hinted that Brady may be in danger.
  • His current love interest may not be what she seems.
  • However, the writers may use Brady for a new love triangle.

The next season of Virgin River is still a long way from hitting our small screens. We have at least six months of agonizing waiting ahead of us, and possibly even longer. However, we do know that the show is already in post-production, and as a result, fan excitement is only growing and generating a lot of intriguing discussion, as Season 5 left us with a lot of harrowing cliffhangers.

The secret Mel's father wants to tell her, the truth Preacher is keeping from Kaia, the likelihood of Calvin getting out of prison. As always, the creators of the show, which is based on Robyn Carr's series of novels of the same name, skillfully combine the cozy atmosphere of the quiet Northern California town with the gripping drama that unfolds in the lives of its residents. Many viewers are particularly concerned about the fate of Brady (Benjamin Hollingsworth), whose life may be in danger following the events of Season 5, Part 2.

Season 5, Part 2 Hinted at Mortal Danger for Brady

In the last two episodes of Virgin River's fifth season, we learned that Lark (Elise Gatien) may not be who she is, and that her feelings for Dan Brady may not be genuine, but just a way to manipulate the former Marine. It seems that the effects of working for Calvin are starting to kick in, as Lark is on the phone with Jimmy (Ian Tracey) at the end of the season. As a reminder, this is Calvin's right-hand man in all of his criminal affairs, so he may be using Lark to get back at Brady.

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Given how rushed the development of this love affair felt, we now have a more than logical explanation for it. Also, he and Lark seem to be connected through Lark's daughter, Hazel. It is still unclear if she is Jimmy's daughter, his relative, or just a useful tool in the hands of the drug mafia to get Lark to kill Brady. However, there is a good chance that Jimmy is not manipulating Lark and that the two of them are up to something together.

Either way, it's time for us to start worrying about Brady.

Can We Expect Another Love Triangle?

Of course, this does not guarantee that Brady will die at the hands of the gang members or Lark herself. Many factors could come into play that could save his life, such as Lark's unwillingness to kill someone she has genuine feelings for, or even Calvin's own protection. Who knows, maybe after the birth of Charmaine's twins, he'll start on the road to redemption?

Also, showrunner Patrick Sean Smith has hinted that we should expect a reunion of sorts between Brady and Brie (Zibby Allen). While the latter is angry about his lies about his job and is now in a happy relationship of sorts with Mike (Marco Grazzini), she clearly still has feelings for Brady.

Unfortunately, at this point it's impossible to predict what to expect from a Brady-related storyline. He didn't die in the books, but he didn't date Brie in them either, so we can expect any kind of wild plot twist from the show's script. But hopefully Brady will avoid a tragic fate, because despite his problematic actions in the past, he's still a good man who deserves redemption, and Virgin River is largely built on the ability to forgive others.

Well, all we have to do is wait for the upcoming Virgin River Season 6. Unfortunately, its release date is still unknown. But we can safely assume that it will happen in the first half of 2025.