Black Mirror Season 7 Coming Sooner Than You Probably Expected, According to Latest Update

Black Mirror Season 7 Coming Sooner Than You Probably Expected, According to Latest Update
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Production is well underway!


  • Charlie Brooker shared details about the status of Season 7 and what's to come.
  • The new season will consist of 6 episodes and one of them will be a sequel to 'USS Callister'.
  • Brooker also teased that the new season will be the most unconventional in the show's history.

Charlie Brooker's dystopian series Black Mirror has captivated audiences since its first episode premiered in 2011. Exploring contemporary technological and ethical issues, the show has been widely praised for its inventive and compelling storytelling and sophisticated use of genre conventions.

So when scripted television was virtually shut down last year by the WGA strike and subsequent SAG-AFTRA picket lines, the new sixth season came as a welcome relief. Despite mixed reviews from audiences, Season 6 sees Brooker take an even deeper look at the issues of technophobia and how to deal with rapidly evolving technologies.

A continuation to one of the best modern anthologies, often referred to as a modern-day The Twilight Zone, was announced back in November 2023, but since then, no significant details have been released by Netflix or the production team. That was until March, when Charlie Brooker himself revealed the current state of production and what we can expect from the upcoming Season 7. What's more, new episodes of Black Mirror may be coming much sooner than you probably expected!

The Show's Creator on the State of Black Mirror Season 7 Production

On May 31, 2024, The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Black Mirror creator and co-showrunner Charlie Brooker and learned many fascinating details about the upcoming season. According to Brooker, we should expect the new season sooner than expected, as production is well underway, even if it has taken a somewhat chaotic turn.

'We're in mid-production [on season seven] at the moment, and it's all quite mad right now. We're at the point where you finish some of the episodes, and you are shooting another one, and prepping another one. They're all different, all with different directors and casts. So this is the point where my head is a bit… I'm under a lot of fun pressure. It's a nice job to have, at the end of the day.'

As for what's to come, the showrunner can't reveal any details just yet, for obvious reasons. However, he has hinted that a sequel to 'USS Callister', one of the most acclaimed episodes of the show that opened Season 4, has already been filmed.

What's in Store for Black Mirror Season 7?

Details about Season 7 were first revealed in March 2024 during the Next on Netflix event in London. It was revealed that the upcoming season will consist of six episodes, one of which will continue the story of the USS Callister. At the same time, it was officially announced that the captain of the ship, who turned out to be the creator of the crazy game, Robert Daly, played by Jesse Plemons, is dead. However, the troubles for the crew of the USS Callister are just beginning, as they have only just gotten into the unmodded version of Infinity.

Brooker also hinted that we should expect a lot of innovation in the upcoming season, both in terms of casting and writing, as well as production values.

'We have a real mix of things, really exciting castings that have happened. I don't want to jinx it by saying too much. We're in the bit that I really like, where you've locked an episode, so that's such a good feeling. We're doing the final polishing of the score and the mix on one of them. And we are doing something really cool right now that we've never done before — but I can't say what it is.'

As Brooker continues to offer more idiosyncratic approaches to storytelling with each season, exploring new genres beyond the classic sci-fi and dystopian motifs, it seems we should really expect something that will keep us on the edge of our seats.

Given that Season 7 is already halfway through production, we should expect it to be released around the summer of 2025.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter.