Angie Needs Therapy, Not Will: A Controversial Take on 'Will Trent'

Angie Needs Therapy, Not Will: A Controversial Take on 'Will Trent'
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First and foremost, these two need to work through their trauma.


  • The Season 2 finale left the future of Will and Angie's relationship up in the air.
  • But maybe they shouldn't be getting closer.
  • Angie needs to accept and love herself first, while Will needs a healthy environment.

The third season of Will Trent won't be released until next year, so until then, all we can do is re-watch the existing episodes, re-read the books written by Karin Slaughter, and, of course, speculate about the characters!

Today, we're going to talk specifically about Will and Angie. For many fans, especially those familiar with the source material, these two are one of the worst examples of a romantic ship, even though the writers have actively tried to bring them closer over the course of events (that is, of course, until the last episode, which seemed to put an end to any prospect of their romantic development).

But do they need to be together in the first place? Hear us out: Angie needs therapy, and Will needs someone to guide him down a more healing path.

Will & Angie's Relationship Does Not Seem Healthy

In Season 2 Episode 7, Will once again confronted his childhood trauma. It was at this point that Angie, who also happens to be a survivor of the foster care system, brought comfort to the protagonist with a passionate kiss.

Looks like a healthy relationship is not in the cards for these two, as Angie not only broke the law, but also broke Will's heart after withholding information that Crystal was Lenny Broussard's killer. However, even if these two had a chance to reconcile, how healthy would it be for them to decide to get back together romantically?

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Angie Needs Therapy, Will Needs a Mature Partner

What's going on between these two is not a demonstration of true unconditional love, but an attempt to find solace in each other after all they've been through. Unfortunately, the only thing that binds them together is their trauma, and it can only drag them down into a deeper emotional pit.

Will is working actively to overcome his traumatic past, to heal, while Angie seems to be running away from herself, slipping into lies, while finding some twisted comfort in Will reminding her of her own traumas — which is unfortunately why she would benefit from therapy sessions, not Will.

So it is unlikely that these two would have had a healthy relationship from the start, because in addition to Angie clearly needing to accept and work through her traumas, both she and Will need very different types of partners.

For Angie, it certainly has to be someone more relaxed and less traumatized, as the relationship with Will only triggered her memories, even if she thinks it was for the best. Will, on the other hand, needs someone much more emotionally mature in order to strive for more stable mental health himself.

What Can We Expect from Will Trent Season 3?

We don't know yet what vector Will Trent's upcoming season will take, or how much of it will be based on the book's narrative this time around. First of all, we have to find out if Angie will return to the GBI, or at least the APD!

Also, we should not forget that Will has a completely different love interest in the books, Sara Linton, a doctor whom the protagonist will meet as part of the investigation with Faith Mitchell (by the way, we hope that the screenwriters will not bring Will and Faith closer together, as that would not only be unethical, but simply weird because of their rather sibling relationship).

Well, and it is quite possible that the writers will not include any significant romantic storylines in the upcoming seasons. After all, the show has little to lose.

In April 2024, Will Trent got the green light for Season 3. Season 3 should be expected in January 2025.

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