9-1-1 Fans Have a Perfect Season 8 Idea for a Pride Month (and We Can't Help But Agree)

9-1-1 Fans Have a Perfect Season 8 Idea for a Pride Month (and We Can't Help But Agree)
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Except that writers need to be as mindful as possible.


  • 9-1-1 Season 7 provided intriguing storylines that will be developed in Season 8.
  • Fans have suggested an interesting idea that the events may touch on the Pride march.
  • This is directly related to the aforementioned storylines, but the writers should be careful about using this as a plot device.

Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Tim Minear have kept television audiences on the edge of their seats for six full years as they continue to produce the great procedural drama that is 9-1-1, the series about Los Angeles first responders and its spin-off, Lone Star, which takes the action to Austin, Texas.

Throughout its run, 9-1-1 has had no shortage of events, ranging from the personal drama of the characters and the everyday happenings in the City of Angels to crazy events like earthquakes and tsunamis. With each season, however, the events have become more chamber-like, focusing more on personal drama than the professional situations in which the 118 employees find themselves. All of this could not help but lead viewers to believe that the writers were running out of ideas (keep in mind that we have at least one more season to go).

To celebrate Pride Month, fans came up with the incredibly original idea of having the action touch the annual LA Pride Parade. In addition, the events could pick up directly from the previous season's storylines and follow two specific characters.

An Unpleasant Character's Return

But before we speculate about what the upcoming season has in store for us, let's talk about two characters for whom this potential storyline could be pivotal. We're talking about two contrasting firefighters, Evan Buckley (Oliver Stark) and Vincent Gerrard (Brian Thompson).

Despite all the mayhem of Season 7, Buck's arc turned out to be life-affirming. He finally came out as bisexual and began an official relationship with LAFD pilot Tommy Kinard (Lou Ferrigno Jr.), which he revealed to his co-workers, who happily accepted Buck's newfound happiness.

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But this may prove to be just the calm before the storm next season, as Captain Gerrard becomes the new (at least temporary) chief of Station 118.

As soon as Bobby returned to the firehouse from the hospital, we were confronted with a shocking revelation — he was no longer the chief of the 118, as his position had been taken over by Gerrard, who had caused a lot of trouble in Season 2. This is an incredibly bigoted man who is prejudiced against people of color and queer people.

Gerrard Could Be a Source of Conflict at the Pride March in Season 8

So it makes sense that the upcoming season will not only feature a confrontation between Gerrard and Bobby (hopefully he'll try to take back the reins of the Station), but also the incredible pressure the new captain will put on Buck. With that in mind, fans are hoping that the story could touch on the Pride march, something that's never been touched on in the series or its spin-offs.

First of all, it will be Buck's first Pride march ever, so it will be a great source of interesting character development. And second, Gerrard's homophobia could get him involved in a major incident during the march, which could cast a shadow over the 118 and the entire LAFD, and even lead to the current captain being fired.

Alternatively, Buck's participation in Pride could result in Gerrard trying to fire him for belonging to the LGBTQ+ community. Thus, it is only a matter of time before the entire 118 turns against him and finally pushes him out of office.

Also, Vincent Gerrard's biased approach to minorities could theoretically lead to tragedy during the march, but we hope the writers don't use the already beleaguered and targeted group as a mere plot device.

Well, we'll find out when the new season premieres! 9-1-1 Season 8 is scheduled to premiere in the fall of 2024.

Source: Reddit.