7 Storylines Bridgerton S3 Needs To Pick Up From Its Source Material

7 Storylines Bridgerton S3 Needs To Pick Up From Its Source Material
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Romancing Mister Bridgerton is a fan favorite for a reason.

Fellow Bridgerton fans, it's hard to believe how quickly time is flying toward the May 16th premiere of Season 3. Looking back, the two years that have passed since the story of Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sharma landed on Netflix seems like a nightmare, completely devoid of any breadcrumbs about our beloved show.

But these days we're blissfully rolling in clips, pictures, teasers, hints and clues about what's in store for the new central couple, Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton aka Polin. Recently, we got more than 80 new stills to drool over!

And it looks like the Polin season is going to be well worth the long wait. Judging by what we've seen so far, it promises to be an exciting mix of the original story, Julia Quinn's Romancing Mister Bridgerton, and new twists and turns.

In fact, fans of Romancing Mister Bridgerton are eagerly awaiting the new installment more than anyone else. All because the novel based on the friends-to-lovers trope has tons of amazing themes and storylines that made it a fan favorite and would translate perfectly to the small screen.

Here are just seven that, if adapted, are sure to make Bridgerton Season 3 the best yet.

1. Tables Turned

The pivotal point in the Polin relationship is their first kiss. In the book, Pen is 28 and a spinster with no marriage prospects. So she asks her best friend for a kiss, just to get the feel of it. He agrees and suddenly discovers a waterfall of feelings for Pen inside of him.

After that, the roles are reversed. Penelope, who has had a crush on Colin for ages and is sure there's no future for them, goes about her life as usual. And Colin begins to pine for her with all his heart.

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This is a beautifully written moment that shows how friends become more than that. Considering that Penelope will be an eligible bachelorette instead of a sprinter in Season 3, the reason why she asks for Colin's kiss will have to change, but otherwise we hope this scene stays true to the original.

Do you think Netflix's Penelope should ask Colin for a kiss like her book counterpart?

2. Confidence Gained

In the books, Penelope is a shy wallflower, just as she was in the first two seasons of the show. And a big theme of Romancing Mister Bridgerton is her gaining confidence, stepping out of the shadows, and finding her voice not on paper but in real life.

She gathers the courage to stand up to her mother, Colin, and the entire ton and ask for what she wants, which is truly inspiring. Judging by the wallflower references, this theme will be a big part of Season 3, and we are certainly here for it.

3. Initiative Taken

In the novel, Penelope's newfound confidence is put to use in the bedroom (or wherever she gets naughty with Colin). The heat is turned up as Pen becomes an active participant in the steamy scenes. It's a bold move for a woman of the Regency era, and it's empowering to see her taking charge.

Quinn's Colin is absolutely smitten (and turned on) by her confidence. And we're sure Netflix's Colin will be, too.

4. Married Bliss Shown

It's a little disappointing that we didn't get to see the blissful married lives of the first two couples. Daphne and Simon's story was all drama, while Anthony and Kate didn't get enough time to shine on screen.

So here's hoping that Polin will finally get the honeymoon period they deserve, filled with passion and tenderness, just like in the novel.

5. Life Purpose Found

Romancing Mister Bridgerton is not all about Penelope, even though our previous points were. Colin's big character development trigger is his passion for writing. Though we haven't seen it on the show, he's a talented writer who chronicles his travels in journals that are later published.

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Such a passion is exactly what Netflix's Colin needs, considering he feels a bit lost in his role as the third Viscount son.

6. Conflict Resolved

If there's one thing that clouds the Polin honeymoon in the book, it's Colin's jealousy and pride. Since he is an aspiring writer and Pen is an established (thought secret) one, it inevitably leads to an inner conflict for the male lead. Colin is a Regency man, so he has a hard time accepting his wife's success.

But when he does, and realizes that he is actually proud of Pen, it becomes one of the best moments for the couple. Finally, they are on the same page and Penelope gets her praise.

7. Bond Cemented

The heartwarming moment in the book that deserves special mention and a special place in the new episodes is when Colin shares his travel journals with his wife. As she flips through the pages, readers can see the emotions bubbling up inside Colin, his desire for Penelope's approval shining through.

It's a touching scene that cements their partnership as equals, and it's definitely one worth cheering for.