7 Most Annoying Changes from the Books Outlander Fans Hated

7 Most Annoying Changes from the Books Outlander Fans Hated
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In the show Jamie never fought a bear!

Outlander is one of the highest quality TV adaptations, but even it had a number of differences from the novels that fans didn't like at all.

As we await the second half of Season 7, which will air in November 2024, let's take a look at which scenes from the book series the writers shouldn't have changed.

7. The Tskili Yona Incident

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On the one hand, the events of Episode 4 completely cheapened the events of the book, but on the other hand, the writers were much more concerned with portraying real Cherokee customs.

In the show, Jamie was attacked by a bear during a Cherokee ceremony. However, it turned out to be a real person in a bearskin who had been banished from the tribe for rape. This scene is the result of mixing the events of Drums of Autumn, where Jamie fought a real bear, with the introduction of a character named Otter-Tooth, a time traveler hated by the Mohawks for his insistence on opposing the colonists.

6. Claire's Stolen Ring

In Drums of Autumn, Stephen Bonnet stole Claire's ring, which was her and Frank's wedding ring. This later prompted Brianna to try to return the ring to her mother, with dire consequences.

In the show, however, the ring represents Claire's marriage to Jamie. While this makes the events of the show more painful, this change gave Bree less motivation to try to get the ring back.

5. Briana and Roger's Lack of Chemistry

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Some fans feel that Brianna and Roger don't have as much chemistry in the show as they did in the novels. In the books, their relationship literally mirrors that of Claire and Jamie, but in the live-action adaptation, the two don't share as much emotion.

4. Frank Randall Is More Likable in the Show

Frank is one of the most despised characters in the books, as he is presented as a blatant chauvinist who also cheats on Claire on a regular basis. In the show, however, Frank has been softened by having him search for Claire in the 20th century and having only one love interest outside of marriage, which turned out to be quite dramatic.

Should fans who hate Frank have been forced to sympathize with him? Hardly.

3. They Kept Murtagh Alive

The decision not to kill off Murtagh is not a bad thing in itself. And yet, it was followed by a series of plot inconsistencies that changed the show's narrative in ways that were not for the better.

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His survival undermined an important storyline in Jamie's life. In the books, he gained recognition and respect from his people by freeing them from Ardsmuir. In the show, however, he does so primarily to save the Murtagh and is willing to sacrifice them.

2. Book Fergus Had More of a French Identity

Fergus is a character beloved by fans of both the books and the show. And yet, many viewers were upset that the character didn't retain the identity he formed during his time in Paris on the show. Outlander is a pretty dramatic story, and the moments with Fergus' 'French' attitude were a nice outlet.

1. Jamie's Reaction to Bri's Pictures

Many people still can't forgive Sam Heughan and crew for how distant Jamie was during his and Claire's reunion. When she showed her lover pictures of Bree, he had virtually no reaction. Of course, we all experience very complicated emotions at times, especially in a moment of shock.

And yet, the book version of Jamie showed a multitude of emotions in that moment, from joy to tears, from disbelief to more tears.