5 Times Rick and Morty's Improv Lines Stole the Show

5 Times Rick and Morty's Improv Lines Stole the Show
Image credit: Adult Swim

Can you believe these iconic moments were never scripted?

Most of the time it is in live action movies that you see hilarious improvised scenes that made it into the final cut because they were so funny and so great. The actors have that kind of freedom on set that allows them to act spontaneously and rewrite the script in the passion of the moment.

In animation, this is much rarer because the voice actors usually read their lines from the script. Rick and Morty, however, is a completely different case.

Before his scandalous exit, Justin Roiland juggled the duties of the show's lead voice and co-creator (alongside Dan Harmon). And that gave him the opportunity to go wild in the recording booth from time to time, resulting in some of the sci-fi show's most hilarious moments.

1. Opening Scene

Episode: S1E1, Pilot

We don't have to look far for a shining example. Rick and Morty's very first cold open was created on the spot. Remember the scene where a wasted Rick pulls Morty out of bed threatening to blow up the entire planet with his new neutrino bomb? Well, it turns out that Roiland only had a general idea of what the dialogue was going to be about, and every line of it was improvised.

2. 'Wubba lubba dub-dub'

Episode: S1E5, Meeseeks and Destroy

This improv joke during the creation of the legendary Meeseeks episode became a recurring gag and a major lore detail known to every fan.

At first, 'Wubba lubba dub-dub' was used as Rick's catchphrase to show that he was having fun. But later the meaning of the phrase became much deeper and somewhat heartbreaking after Birdperson explained that in his language it meant 'I am in great pain, please help me.'

3. Interdimensional Cable

Episodes: S1E8, Rixty Minutes and S2E8, Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate

You may be shocked to learn that two episodes of Rick and Morty were almost entirely improvised. Apparently, the showrunners let their imaginations run wild when creating the Interdimensional Cable programs.

And that gave us some of Rick and Morty's best moments and characters, like Detective Baby Legs, Ants In My Eyes Salesman, and Singing Imrov Comedian. Honestly, we wish silly shows like this aired on real TV.

4. Eyehole Man

Episode: S2E8, Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate

All of Interdimensional Cable's shows and commercials are great, but there is one that deserves special mention. The hilarious character of a spandex-clad alien on a mission to never let anyone in the universe taste a cereal made of delicious alien eyeholes made us laugh hysterically.

The commercial got even better when the Eyehole Man attacked Jerry as he tried to steal the legendary cereal from Rick's cupboard.

5. Szechuan Sauce

Episode: S3E1, The Rickshank Rickdemption

Believe it or not, Rick's mind-blowing evil speech at the end of the Season 3 premiere was never part of the script. Roiland's impromptu monologue had surprising results. It created such a hype around Szechuan sauce that McDonald's brought it back for a brief period of time. That's the power of Rick and Morty. And improvisation, of course.