5 Things That Make Bridgerton S3 Carriage Scene Pure Perfection

5 Things That Make Bridgerton S3 Carriage Scene Pure Perfection
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How many times did you watch the last few minutes of Episode 4?

There's no doubt that Bridgerton Season 3 Part 1 will break many Netflix records. The four new episodes of the bodice-ripping drama premiered just a few days ago on May 16, and dedicated fans have already binged them several times, drooling over every little detail.

The most rewatched scene of the season, the entire series, and probably any media ever is the last six minutes of Episode 4, known as the carriage scene. Bridgerverse fans have been waiting for this moment since the show was first announced, and the showmakers didn't disappoint.

The first naughty moment (not including the dream sequence) between Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton was one of the biggest selling points for Season 3 during a promo campaign, and yet it was not oversold.

Here are five reasons why fans can't stop rewatching the carriage scene.

The Confession

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The Bridgerverse is famous for its confessions of love. Every male lead has a big task to impress the audience with his words of passion. And each one has to be better than the last. In the carriage scene, Colin certainly upped the ante. With his puppy eyes, kneeling pose and speech full of angst and obsession, this man stole millions of hearts. And he hadn't even said 'I love you.'

The Barrier Breaking

Colin's speech struck a chord because it was one of the few genuine lines he said in all four episodes. Season 3 is all about hiding behind masks and finding your true self. It's clear that Colin can't be himself without Penelope, and accepting his feelings for her is tantamount to self-acceptance for him. After his uncharacteristic flirtations with every young lady of the Ton and brothel visiting, the speech in the carriage comes as a comforting breath of fresh air.

The Chemistry & Steam

Colin's confession was good, but let's be honest, we're watching this scene again and again for the out-of-this-world steam. The chemistry between Pen and Colin, as well as Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton, is so palpable that when the characters finally act on their desires, it's impossible to turn away. Every little detail is meaningful, realistic and well done, from the longing glances to Pen's little consensual nod to the dress adjustment at the end.

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The Romcom Vibes

The endearing part of the carriage scene is how easily and comfortably Pen and Colin go from lovers back to friends. We've just witnessed one of the hottest female pleasure scenes on television, and the next second the friends are joking and laughing. It is this level of coziness that makes the friends-to-lovers trope so good.

The Improvements

Speaking of comic relief, the show does it better than the book. Julia Quinn's readers celebrated the change in the final moment when Colin asks Pen to be his wife. In the novel, the words are the same, but it happens right after Pen falls face down out of the carriage and feels much less friendly and genuine, making the poor girl doubt Colin's intentions.

Bridgerton Season 3 Part 2 premieres on Netflix on June 13 at midnight PT.

Now, let's be honest, how many times have you seen the carriage scene?