5 Reasons Why Retiring Lady Whistledown Is Bad Idea For Bridgerton

5 Reasons Why Retiring Lady Whistledown Is Bad Idea For Bridgerton
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Fingers crossed, the showmakers will find a way to keep the gossip column alive and well in the Bridgerverse after Season 3.

Bridgerton Season 3 Part 2 is fast approaching, and it promises to hit us with a wave of drama surrounding the Lady Whistledown secret. The trailer for the upcoming episodes contains a line that has the Bridgerverse fandom in a frenzy.

'Gossip as I might, this author cannot tolerate a lie,' says the enigmatic writer in her magical Julie Andrews voice.

This line is related to the Whistledown arc in Julia Quinn's source novel, Romancing Mister Bridgerton, and has led many fans to believe that the series may be going the canon route. Without giving too much away, it means full retirement for Whistledown.

In the original book, Penelope comes clean to the ton (with Colin's help) and drops her hobby altogether for the sake of family life and a career as a romance novelist. For a show, however, such a move would be a total disaster. Here are five reasons why.

1. Whistledown is central to the show

The main reason why Netflix's Lady Whistledown should not be retired after Season 3 is her central role in the show. Every episode starts and ends with Whistledown's commentary, and the way they deliver the main message and intertwine with each other and everything that happens on screen is a chef's kiss.

Also, Whistledown's column often acts as a catalyst for events in the show. If it weren't for the enigmatic gossip writer, Colin would be married to Marina and Queen Charlotte would probably have died of boredom by now.

2. Dropping Whistledown was not good for the book series

Julia Quinn's book series can be loosely divided into two parts. Four books with the hilarious presence of Lady Whistledown and four books without. After being unmasked, Penelope stops writing gossip and you can feel it. Although volumes 5 through 8 are enjoyable and charming, many readers felt that some of the magic of the previous novels was missing. The lack of Whistledown's commentary left a void.

Considering that Whistledown's role in the book series is not even half the role she plays in the series, her absence from the show would shake viewers.

3. Netflix's Whistledown had too short a career

With the time jumps, Quinn's Whistledown writes her column for 11 years. This allowed her to get comfortable in the role and even get a little tired of it. So retirement doesn't feel like a tragedy, but rather a logical next step for Penelope.

Her Netflix counterpart is only in her third year and still has a lot of work to do. It seems unfair to end her career now.

4. Whistledown's work is not finished

As we've said before, Whistledown's role in the show is much more prominent than in the books. Her comments are deeper and wiser. They are full of meanings and lessons that even we, the 21st century viewers, can learn and use.

Considering that every Bridgerton love story is different and has its lessons to be learned, there are still many things for Lady Whistledown to deliver. Also, the showrunners have changed the order of the novels, and now Benedict's romance is in danger of being left without the Whistledown commentary, which would be a crime.

5. Whistledown is Bridgerton's mascot

Lady Whistledown Society Paper's logo has become the emblem of the Netflix show, its 'mascot'. You can see it everywhere, from T-shirts to fine china. In addition, Julie Andrews' voice is used in every trailer, commercial and promo. The opening line, 'Dearest gentle reader,' has a crazy pop culture presence right now.

If the production takes Whistledown out of the game, they will instantly lose the best source of PR and the biggest symbol of the series.

Do you think Bridgerton might retire Lady Whistledown after Season 3?

Bridgerton Season 3 Part 2 premieres on Netflix June 13 at midnight PT.