5 Reasons Why Bridgerton Shouldn't Skip Benedict's Story Again

5 Reasons Why Bridgerton Shouldn't Skip Benedict's Story Again
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Eloise should be fifth.

The creators behind Netflix’s Bridgerton have never been the ones to shy away from tweaking the original book series by Julia Quinn. In fact, all the changes have turned the adaptation into a whole new story that surprises even seasoned Quinn readers from time to time.

These surprises usually work out for the best, and Bridgerton fans have learned to accept and embrace them. So when the writers dropped the bombshell after Season 2 that the original love stories of the Bridgerton siblings would be shuffled around, with Colin and Pen coming before Benedict, the majority of viewers were more intrigued than angry or disappointed.

After all, it does feel that the romance of the third son and daughter is ready to bloom. And there is a poetic symmetry in them leading Season 3. However, as things slowly move towards the start of production for Season 4, fans can't help but wonder if Benedict will have to sit out another season.

In the book series, Eloise's story follows Colin's and takes place almost simultaneously, which could mean that the creators have her in mind to lead Season 4. However, we're sure that would be a mistake for both her and her older brother. Here's why.

Eloise Is Not Ready

Like Penelope, Quinn's Eloise is a 28-year-old spinster in her solo book. While for Miss Featherington this is a forced status that can easily be ignored in the series (which the writers do), for Miss Bridgerton it is a matter of choice.

She is rebellious, rejects the idea of marriage and strives for a greater purpose in life. This is all part of the Netflix Eloise character, so she needs some time to explore her ambitions and potential beyond the marriage market and grow into the idea that a union with a man can be more than a prison. One season doesn't seem like enough time for that.

Benedict's Story Fits More Naturally in Season 4

Considering how much character growth Eloise needs to go through to settle down, her story would need a time jump if it were to unfold in Season 4. Also, her canon love interest Phillip Crane is still married to Marina, so their tragic story will also have to be rushed.

On the other hand, we have Benedict, who feels perfectly ready to fall deeply in love without much preparation. One ball scene in Season 3 would be enough to jumpstart his romance.

Benedict Needs an Arc

Even in Bridgerton's second season, Benedict seemed to be twiddling his thumbs more than anything else. The creators tossed him a few scenes, but let's be real, they didn't exactly add layers to his character.

If this trend continues for another couple of seasons, and the writers throw in a time jump needed for Eloise’s story, we might find Benedict’s character in shambles come Season 5.

Benedict Will Inspire Eloise

Like we said, Eloise needs to warm up to the idea of marriage. And what better way to do that than to watch her siblings roll around in happy bliss. Anthony and Kate, Colin and Penelope will give her the idea that there's life after the wedding, but Benedict, as her closest sibling, should be the one to change her mind completely.

Of course, for that to happen, Benedict's romance would have to come before Eloise's.

Fans May Revolt

If Benedict is sidelined again, the Bridgerton creators will face a backlash from fans. Thanks to Luke Thompson's brilliant performance and undeniable charisma, the second Bridgerton has become a favorite of millions of viewers, even though his screen time amounts to minutes only. Imagine what will happen when he gets a solo season. Netflix is not ready for that amount of eyeballs.

Who do you think will lead Season 4?