5 Questions Time Jump At The End Of Bridgerton S3 Left Hanging

5 Questions Time Jump At The End Of Bridgerton S3 Left Hanging
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Hopefully we'll get the answers in Season 4.

Dearest gentle reader, phew! Season 3 of Bridgerton was a truly wild ride, worth watching, rewatching and drooling over every little detail. And it ended with a bang.

After the mind-blowing revelation of Francesca Stirling's sexuality and the heavy hint of Benedict's story finally starting in the next chapter (Violet's masquerade ball is where the second Bridgerton meets the love of his life in the source books), it was easy to miss the last minutes of Season 3.

In the meantime, Bridgerton did what they like to do at the end of every story - feature a slightly confusing time jump. Due to the fact that three Featherington sisters were shown with their newborns, we can infer that the scene that ends Season 3 takes place about a year after the wedding of Colin and Penelope Bridgerton, just before the start of a new social season in 1816.

The scene gave us some heartwarming updates on the two main Season 3 families. Everyone is friendly and happy. Pen and Colin's baby is the new Lord Featherington (which conveniently makes them the Bridgertons' next-door neighbors). Colin has published his book 'Traveling With Myself' with the help of his wife. Penelope continues to write the Whistledown column under her own name.

However, the time jump left a few burning questions unanswered.

1. What's up with Kate and Anthony?

The Season 2 leads appeared in the new episodes to deliver their magic, some hot moments, and news that their first child is on the way. However, they decided to join Kate's family in India and have the baby there, which frankly felt out of character for Anthony given how seriously he had taken the Viscount's duties before.

Are Kate and Anthony still in India? Have they had their child? What did they name him or her? When will they return? Unfortunately, the season 3 finale had no answers to these questions.

2. How many grandchildren does Violet have now?

Season 3 seemed to have erased Daphne and Simon from the Bridgerverse. They never appeared or were even mentioned during the two family weddings. The time jump scene had the opportunity to at least address how many kids the Bassets had by the spring of 1816. But it didn't.

3. What about Eloise?

After Lady Whistledown's revelation, Eloise went to Scotland with Francesca and her new husband. She was looking for adventure and a purpose in life. However, her journey was not to be too long. She promised Benedict that she would be home in time for her mother's masquerade ball.

But when exactly is this ball scheduled? And will we ever get a glimpse of Eloise's adventures in Scotland? Does she even write home?

4. What's going on with Violet and Lord Marcus?

It is clear that Violet and Marcus Anderson, Agatha Danbury's brother, are becoming a thing. At least they were before the time jump. However, a year has passed and there's no sign or mention of Marcus. Has he returned to his estate and put their flirting on hold? Or is he still courting Violet?

5. Did Penelope suffer any consequences?

This is probably the biggest question left unanswered in the Season 3 finale. Yes, Queen Charlotte accepted Penelope as a gossip writer and gave her a somewhat official status. But was the ton as accepting as the queen? Even Anthony was shunned by society for a while after his failed marriage to Edwina, so why hasn't Pen suffered any consequences?

Another big question is what she writes in the Whistledown sheet now that everyone knows her real name. She obviously can't be as sharp and satirical anymore. So what has her column become?

Do you think we'll get the answers to all these questions in Bridgerton Season 4?