5 New Western Movies and Series Coming to Netflix in 2024

5 New Western Movies and Series Coming to Netflix in 2024
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Put on your boots, spurs, and cowboy hats and head out on a thrilling binge-watching adventure!

Right now, the undisputed leader of the Western genre on television is Paramount, which is releasing the high-octane series created by Taylor Sheridan on both its cable channel and its streaming service.

Meanwhile, other platforms are not giving up and are also betting big on new projects in the Western genre. Netflix stands out in this context with a library full of great shows and movies, from Longmire and Godless to The Hateful Eight and The Ballad of Buster Scruggs.

More high-octane projects await us on Netflix in 2024. Let's take a look at what new Western movies and shows we can expect to see on the streaming service this year.

5. American Primeval

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Release date: TBA

We are apparently in for an extremely blood-soaked tale of warring factions clashing for control of the uncharted lands of the American frontier. The director and executive producer is Pete Berg (Friday Night Lights, Lone Survivor). Showrunner and co-executive producer is Eric Newman (Narcos, Griselda).

The series features Taylor Kitsch, who collaborated with Berg on Friday Night Lights and previously worked with him and Newman on the Netflix miniseries Painkiller.

4. Pedro Páramo

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Release date: TBA

This upcoming movie that is an adaptation of the famous novel written by Juan Rulfo, one of the first representatives of Mexican magical realism.

The plot follows a man named Juan Preciado (Tenoch Huerta) who travels to the town of Comala to fulfill a promise he made to his dying mother. Only Comala is literally a ghost town, inhabited by the souls of the dead. As events unfold, they tell Juan the reasons for the town's desolation and the role of his father, Pedro Páramo (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo), in what has happened.

4. Desert King

Release date: TBA

We all know that no less high-octane adventures and gruesome crimes took place not only on the American frontier, but also in the Australian Outback. But what if the Australian setting was turned into a Yellowstone-inspired neo-Western series? Well, the upcoming Desert King is exactly that, as it follows the war over a large cattle station between various factions, from greedy politicians and outlaws to Aboriginal Australians and cattle tycoons.

3. The Abandons

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Release date: TBA

The series from Sons of Anarchy and The Shield creator Kurt Sutter will be set in the 1850s and will follow Fiona Nolan (Lena Headey). An Irish immigrant, she has recently purchased a house in Oregon, where she now resides with her four adopted children. But Old West society is extremely ruthless, and old-money European families will attempt to evict Fiona and her children from their own home.

2. Ransom Canyon

Release date: TBA

After the colossal success of Yellowstone on Paramount, Netflix is set to introduce its fresh take on the genre, presenting a live-action adaptation of the popular book series by Jodi Thomas that combines the atmosphere of both Yellowstone and Netflix's own romantic drama Virgin River. It is a modern Western drama with romantic elements that will follow the rivalry between three families who own ranches in the vast Texas Hill Country.

1. Untitled Tim McGraw show

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Release date: TBA

Finally, our list is rounded out by an upcoming TV series recently announced by Netflix. It will be led by Tim McGraw, the star of Sheridan's 1883. Not much is known about the project except that it will be set in Texas and McGraw will play the role of an experienced bull rider whose life is turned upside down when he meets a young competitor.