5 Medical Plot Twists Grey's Anatomy Surprisingly Hasn't Explored Yet

5 Medical Plot Twists Grey's Anatomy Surprisingly Hasn't Explored Yet
Image credit: ABC

Even after twenty years, the ABC series still has much to explore.

The medical drama genre is so popular with viewers and creators because of its emotional factor. There's nothing more touching than people dealing with a life-or-death situation, a health scare, or the loss of a loved one. But there's one more dimension to the genre that attracts millions of viewers. It is the shock factor of non-trivial medical cases.

There are millions of real and fictional events from which a medical show can draw inspiration. And Grey's Anatomy has never been shy to tackle the most jaw-dropping of them. From a fish in a man's urethra to a patient with one leg in the middle, fans of the ABC series seem to have seen it all in the show's long 20-season history.

However, we have good news for all Grey's Anatomy fans. Surprisingly, there are still medical twists and turns the drama has yet to explore. Here are five notable ones.

Angel of Death

In criminology, an 'angel of death' or 'angel of mercy' refers to a healthcare professional who exploits their position to end lives undetected. Doctors, with their access and authority, often fit this chilling profile, killing patients for reasons ranging from financial gain to twisted morality.

Grey's Anatomy could definitely spice things up with a storyline like this, particularly if it revolves around a well-loved, recurring character. Imagine the tension and drama as Grey Sloan Memorial grapples with the shocking discovery that a trusted resident is behind a series of patient deaths - perfect material for a gripping season-long storyline.

Suicide Due to Burnout

Surprisingly, Grey's Anatomy has never written off a hospital resident through suicide due to burnout. While a few doctors have teetered on the edge of such a tragic end, the writers always seem to pull back, sparing the audience from the heartbreak.

Yet, a suicide storyline could be incredibly impactful, particularly if it hits unexpectedly and the reasons unfold later. Just remember the shock and depth of Lawrence Kutner's arc in House.

Munchausen by Proxy

In Season 2, Episode 4 of Grey's Anatomy, a patient faked her illness for attention, leading Cristina to diagnose her with Munchausen's Syndrome.

However, the show has yet to explore the darker counterpart of this condition: Munchausen Syndrome by proxy. It involves people making their loved ones, often children, ill to garner sympathy. Such a disturbing and shocking storyline could make for a gripping episode-long arc.


Rabies is an incredibly rare disease, making it a seldom-seen topic on medical shows. Yet, it offers a powerful foundation for a heart-wrenching storyline. Once symptoms manifest, the prognosis is nearly always fatal, regardless of treatment.

Imagine a Grey's Anatomy arc where a patient arrives with a general malady, only to be diagnosed with incurable rabies. It's a perfect fit for the show's dramatic flair.

Volcano Eruption

From time to time, Grey's Anatomy loves to keep viewers on the edge of their seats with catastrophic events impacting the whole cast. We've seen shootings, plane crashes, sinkholes, floods, earthquakes, explosions, and car accidents.

Yet we've never had a volcanic explosion, which is a big oversight considering how many volcanoes there are near Seattle. A dramatic eruption from one of them could make for an epic season finale. Showrunners, take note!

Looks like we are in for twenty more seasons of Grey's Anatomy, right?