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5 Gen V Cliffhangers & What They Could Mean For The Boys Season 4

5 Gen V Cliffhangers & What They Could Mean For The Boys Season 4
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The new season will undoubtedly be explosive.

There are less than two months left until the premiere of the long-awaited The Boys Season 4, and according to the official trailer and numerous teasers and hints, we are in for a heartfelt reunion with the beloved characters and a truly wild ride.

In the two years that have passed since The Boys Season 3, the fan-adored series has gotten a new spinoff, Gen V, which landed on Prime Video last September, expanding the universe and giving fans a glimpse into the tumultuous college life of the Supes.

But more importantly, the series, which is set between the third and fourth installments of The Boys, offered some insights and clues about what's in store for the characters of the parent show. Here are five Gen V arcs that are sure to find their way into The Boys Season 4.

Homelander's Trial

Remember when the leader of the Seven blew up an innocent protester in the final moments of Season 3? The crowd of radical supporters cheered the murderer on, but the Boys universe is still a realistic place, and there's no way that a crime committed in public will be ignored by the authorities. Gen V confirmed that Homelander will face a trial, but it also teased the possible outcome.

The Supe's cameo in the finale showed how powerful he has become in Vought and how indifferent he is to public opinion. So it is very likely that our milk-loving boy will triumph in court.

Civil War

We saw in The Boys Season 3 that society has begun to split between the followers of Starlight, who believe the things she has revealed about the Seven, and the allies of Homelander. But Gen V teased that the conflict of Season 4 might be much bigger than that.

The slogan 'Supes First' popped up several times in the spinoff, and it looks like the beginning of a full-blown war between those with superpowers and those without. Homelander is clearly ready to escalate the conflict and take his philosophy to the official level by seeking the position in the government.

The Virus

Gen V's biggest hook for the future of The Boys is the appearance of the virus that kills Supes. Created and tested in the secret labs of Godolkin University (The Woods), it appears to be the weapon that can wipe out the entire Supe population.

The Butcher's unexpected appearance in The Woods in the Gen V finale sets the stage for the boys in Season 4. Simply put, all of their efforts will now be devoted to finding the virus.

Victoria Neuman's Plans

Victoria Neuman seems to play a major role in The Boys Season 4. She has what both Homelander and The Boys want. For Homelander, she is a valuable ally for his political ambitions. For The Boys, she is the secret holder of the only sample of the virus. So a lot will depend on her plans and which side she takes in the human-supe conflict.

Considering that she and her daughter are both secret Supes, it is unlikely that she will release the virus, but she may want to use it to control Homelander.

Guardians of Godolkin

Finally, we can expect some major characters from Gen V to show up in The Boys. As new Guardians of Godolkin, Cate and Sam may visit the Vought headquarters. And Marie's gang might be of interest to Butcher. After all, they know more about the virus and Victoria Neuman than anyone else, so freeing them from Vought's captivity would be a logical mission for the Boys.