5 Funniest Friends Scenes According To Fans On Reddit

5 Funniest Friends Scenes According To Fans On Reddit
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A little trip down memory lane.

When it comes to Friends, the sitcom is so packed with jokes, both visual and verbal, that almost every scene is highly quotable and can be discussed for hours. There's no way we can all agree on one best moment from the beloved show. But there is a way to tell which ones are more memorable than others.

Recently, fans on Reddit started a discussion about their favorite Friends scenes. Based on the number of responses, we created a top five ranking. It's certainly not a universally accepted chart, but it's still fun to dive into memories and re-watch the moments that fans remember with warm fuzzies.

5. Between the Devil and the Deep

S8E8 The One With The Stripper

For some reason, we love it when characters on Friends get yelled at. The creators just know how to turn rage incidents into pure comedy situations. One such scene occurs in Season 8. When Rachel's father finds out that his daughter is pregnant with Ross' baby and that the wedding is not in plans, he goes to Ross' apartment to scold him.

At the same time, Ross is getting cozy with Mona, who has a lot to learn in the next few minutes. The fans can't help but laugh out loud every time Ross throws his 'Oh, I'm sorry. Dr. Green, Mona. Mona, Dr. Green' line.

4. Rusty Charmer

S3E7 The One With The Race Car Bed

While we are on the subject of Dr. Green, another fan-favorite scene happened when Ross and Rachel were still seeing each other. Their dinner is difficult to watch, as Rachel's father does not go easy on his daughter's boyfriend, no matter how much said boyfriend tries to charm him. In fact, Ross' attempts to be funny only hurt. But they do give us one of the best jokes of the whole show.

Dr. Green: Rust is boat cancer, Ross.

Ross: Wow, I'm sorry. When I was a kid I lost a bike to that.



S5E16 The One with the Cop

The scene where Ross buys a sofa and tries to save on delivery costs by having Rachel and then Chandler help him push it up the stairs is forever in the history of Friends as one of the most iconic.

This episode taught us that sometimes it's best to call in the professionals, and that by the middle of Season 5, Ross and Rachel had had sex 298 times. But who keeps count, right?

2. Peeping's Impossible

S319 The One With the Tiny T-Shirt

After Rachel and Ross' infamous breakup, Mark, who has always been a reason for Ross' jealousy, reveals that he has a crush on Rachel and asks her out. She accepts, and Ross spends hours in Chandler and Joey's apartment watching through the peephole, waiting for them to return. When Rachel invites Mark in, the iconic joke is dropped.

Ross: The door's closed! I can't see anything with the door closed!

Chandler: And the inventor of the door rests happily in his grave.

Is there anyone better at irony than our beloved Chandler Bing?

1. Rat Your Sibling Out Day

S6E9 The One Where Ross Got High

Friends' Thanksgiving episodes are usually hilarious and worth revisiting every year. The one in Season 6 is especially beloved by fans as in it, Monica hosts a dinner and invites her parents, Judy and Jack. Joey and Ross try to sneak out to spend time with hot dancers, Phoebe discovers she's attracted to Jack, Rachel makes her famous half English trifle - half shepherd's pie, and Chandler tries to win over his future in-laws while Monica hesitates to tell them about their relationship.

Everything builds up, and in the last few minutes of the episode, the situation spins out of control. The Geller siblings rat each other out to their parents, and others just shout out what's bothering them. ‘That's a lot of information to get in 30 seconds.’ We know, Judy. We know.

Source: Reddit.

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