5 Bridgerton-Style Romance Novels Worth Adapting For Small Screen

5 Bridgerton-Style Romance Novels Worth Adapting For Small Screen
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These could compete with Netflix's flagship show.

Although the historical romance genre has always been a visible player on the television scene, Shonda Rhimes' Bridgerton brought it to new life. Today, nearly three and a half years after the show's debut, it's hard to find a viewer who hasn't at least heard of the Bridgerverse, where Regency London aesthetics whimsically mix with modern values.

Bridgerton's wild popularity has created a demand for romantic period dramas. Apple TV+ tried to satisfy that hunger last year with The Buccaneers. Other streaming platforms are also looking for ideas. There's no doubt that we'll soon be seeing more and more Bridgerton-style shows on our screens.

Of course, the best way to create a good romance show is to adapt an already popular novel series, which provides plenty of material, relatable characters, and an existing fan base.

Here are 5 books that readers say deserve their own shows. Studios, take note.

The Smythe-Smith Quartet Series (Julia Quinn)

Of course, we couldn't talk about Bridgerton without mentioning its author, Julia Quinn. Quinn has been a bestselling romance author for a long time and has proven to write material worthy of adaptation, so her other book series definitely deserve a look.

The natural sequel to Bridgerton would be the series dedicated to the Smythe-Smiths, the family that lives in the same universe and timeline as the Bridgertons. This family has a lot of bachelorettes to marry off, so the drama never stops. The Smythe-Smiths were mentioned in Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, so hopefully Shonda Rhimes will make another spinoff out of that story.

Would you watch a Bridgerton spinoff dedicated to the Smythe-Smiths?

The Wallflower Series (Lisa Kleypas)

One of the most swoon-worthy romance series out there, Wallflower features four young women living in the early Victorian era. Like fan-favorite Penelope Featherington, these girls are wallflowers who seem to belong on the fringes of a ballroom and drive away potential suitors. So the ladies decide to team up and launch a daring husband-hunting plan.

The Spindle Cove Series (Tessa Dare)

This is the award-winning series that could not only bring in the aesthetics of the Regency era, but also provide a cozy seaside town atmosphere. The protagonist, Susanna Finch, has turned an idyllic village into a safe haven for women who don't fit into society and need a place to just be free. However, their utopia is disrupted when a new landowner arrives with plans to change the town. A battle of wits ensues.

The Wildes of Lindow Castle Series (Eloisa James)

Those who preferred Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story to its parent show will certainly enjoy the adaptation of Eloisa James' series. Set in the Georgian era, the action moves from London, where the social life of debuts, balls, and spouse-hunting happens, to a castle on the edge of a moor, where a large family of siblings, half-siblings, and step-siblings live.

A Lady's Guide Series (Sophie Irwin)

This is the most recent series, consisting of only two novels so far. But it has already become a fan favorite and a bestseller. Like Bridgerton, it combines Regency romance with 21st century wisdom. The protagonist, Kitty Talbot, is an unconventional romantic heroine. She is a fortune hunter determined to find a rich husband. Her mission fails, however, when she falls in love. The writing in the series is clever, witty, and snappy, which is a great foundation for an escapist historical romcom.