4 Juicy Colin & Penelope Scenes Bridgerton Season 3 Decided to Cut, Explained

4 Juicy Colin & Penelope Scenes Bridgerton Season 3 Decided to Cut, Explained
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Polin's relationship would have been even more passionate and multifaceted had these scenes remained in the final Season 3 draft.


  • Bridgerton Season 3 disappointed many viewers because of the way the writers handled Polin's romance.
  • It's all about cut scenes that would have added much needed context.
  • Fans have organized an online campaign demanding that the deleted moments be restored.

Even if you enjoyed Bridgerton Season 3 immensely, you may have noticed a noticeable difference in pacing between the first and second half of the season. While the first half of the season went side-by-side with Romancing Mister Bridgerton, steadily revealing the feelings of Colin (Luke Newton) and Pen (Nicola Coughlan), the second half, on the contrary, began to regularly shift the focus to other characters, paying minimal attention to Polin and quickly bringing her story to a close.

Apparently, the difference is so noticeable because of the considerable number of scenes that were allegedly cut. Let's break down what those moments are and why they were necessary for the success of Bridgerton Season 3.

Season 3B Went Horribly Wrong

The high expectations were somewhat undermined when Netflix announced the decision to split the upcoming season into two parts with a one-month release difference between them. While the move proved unpopular, fans were still happy to wait a little longer, as Part 1 set up unprecedented intrigue, especially after the incredibly passionate final carriage scene.

However, no one expected the ending to be so disappointing. The cliffhangers and inconsistent storylines (why did the writers forget about Cressida and Lord Debling at the end?), the constant shifting of focus to secondary characters, and of course the overly rushed Polin arc, as instead of the real power couple they were in Romancing Mister Bridgerton, they seemed to come together in this series only because the plot demanded it.

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What Moments Were Deleted from Season 3, Part 2?

But it seems that Part 2 was supposed to be quite different from how it ended up. According to anonymous sources who allegedly saw the new episodes before they were released, Season 3B was supposed to have far more scenes that would have delved deeper into Colin and Pen's feelings for each other, providing more context, intimacy, and mutual support.

Unfortunately, none of these scenes made it into the final cut. However, we do have information about what those scenes were. Get ready because these scenes are juicy!

4. Pen persuades Colin to publish his diaries — Probably a moment from Episode 5 where Penelope asked Colin to read the diaries again. This moment was in the original novel, and thanks to Pen's persuasion, we learn in the finale that they both became successful writers; it's not at all clear why the writers decided not to make Polin two self-sufficient individuals.

3. An extended mirror scene — It's probably also a moment from Episode 5. Sure, the steamy mirror scene appeared on screen, but it should have been longer, with Colin whispering tender words in Pen's ear and kissing her neck. Why would they cut such an intimate bit?

2. Colin finds Pen at Genevieve's — Apparently, the moment from Episode 7 was meant to be longer and more heated, as the two kiss furiously on the way home.

1. Final bed scene — In Episode 8, the montage of Polin's intimate moment was supposed to be much longer. No fan would have minded!

Petition to Get These Scenes Restored

At first glance, each of these moments may not seem that integral to the story, but they would have done a much better job of showing that Pen and Colin are incredibly comfortable in each other's company, that they are willing to spend passionate nights together, and, of course, that they only wish each other a happy future in which they feel content with life.

All of this couldn't help but frustrate fans, who have launched an online campaign demanding that Shondaland and Netflix bring back the deleted scenes. A petition on has already garnered over 67,000 signatures!