10 Story Arcs That Will Shape Season 6 Of Virgin River (Known Spoilers Included)

10 Story Arcs That Will Shape Season 6 Of Virgin River (Known Spoilers Included)
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Filming for the new sixth season of Virgin River is well underway, and the exciting breadcrumbs about the new chapter keep coming. For example, fans recently learned that Jack Sheridan's actor, Martin Henderson, will be sitting in the director's chair for one of the upcoming episodes, which has made everyone even more excited for Virgin River Season 6.

Unfortunately, the release date for the new season remains a mystery, with many theorizing that it won't arrive until 2025 at the earliest due to the delays caused by the Hollywood strikes. However, showrunner Patrick Sean Smith has promised to do his best to treat fans to a winter holiday season this year.

'I'm going to do my darnedest to make sure that doesn't happen,' he told Glamour, referring to the 2025 premiere.

Well, fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly for the show's production and we will be reunited with Jack and Mel this Christmas. In the meantime, let's try to paint a picture of what's in store for the residents of our favorite Northern California town by gathering all the information we can about the new episodes.

Here are ten plot lines that Virgin River Season 6 is sure to pick up from the previous installment, including the spoilers that the showrunner has dropped in various interviews.

1. Doc's Health

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The 2023 Holiday Specials mentioned Doc Mullins' eye problems a few times, making fans fear for his medical trial that could leave him blind. If you too are worried about the Doc's future, relax. Patrick Sean Smith revealed to Deadline that the trial will go well and that Doc's eyesight will fully recover. Thank goodness!

2. Lizzie's Pregnancy

Lizzie finally got up the courage to tell her mother about her pregnancy, and after a heartfelt conversation, Deidre accepted her daughter's quest for independence.

Now that everyone is on board, Lizzie and Denny can move on to the happy time of expecting a baby. The only hope is that Lizzie will not carry a child for five seasons like Charmaine did. Smith revealed that there will be a slight time jump before the new season, so we will probably see the baby bump soon.

3. Everyone's Weddings

Love is in the air. Doc and Hope have decided to give it another go with their re-engagement, while Lizzie and Denny are seriously considering tying the knot. And let's not forget Mel and Jack, who are fast approaching their own wedding. With all these couples making big moves, Season 6 could be the season of weddings. We're certainly here for it.

4. Charmaine's Twins

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It is hard to believe, but Charmaine has finally welcomed her twins into the world. Both babies are happy and healthy, but the drama is far from over. Things are getting complicated as Calvin, the twins' father, is determined to be involved in their lives, while Charmaine is none too happy about the prospect. Now that Mel knows the truth about the twins' parentage, it's a safe bet that this arc will be a big part of Season 6.

5. Cameron & Muriel's Disagreement

The new, exciting couple, Cameron and Muriel, didn't get to enjoy their blissful crush phase for long. In the holiday specials, Cameron's ex-fiancée came into the picture and threw a wrench into their relationship with the baby question, leaving the couple on shaky ground. While no teasers were revealed, Smith promised that the conflict will be addressed in Season 6.


7. Preacher's Secret

Poor Preacher just can't seem to get a break. Things were going great with Kaia, but the discovery and identification of Wes' body has thrown their relationship into turmoil. On top of that, it looks like Preacher might be facing some serious legal trouble. The fan-favorite character is in for a rough ride in Season 6. Again.

8. Brady's Drama

Like Preacher, Brady does not seem to be cut out for drama-free storytelling. Just when he thought he had found some happiness with Lark, it turns out that their relationship was all part of a revenge plot by Jimmy, who shockingly turned out to be Hazel's father.

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Now we're all anxious to see what this dangerous duo has up their sleeves. And if Brie will become part of Brady's arc again. The Christmas episodes showed that their spark is far from gone.

9. Mel & Jack's Parenthood

Smith promised that Mel and Jack will be the heart and soul of Season 6, as fans have been demanding on social media. Not only that, but they will be actively exploring the possibility of expanding their family.

After the heartbreaking miscarriage storyline in Season 5, the lead couple has been in deep discussions about their future family plans. With adoption on the table, fans are hopeful that Season 6 will finally see them realize their dream of rebuilding Lilly's farm and welcoming a child into their lives. After all they've been through, these two truly deserve some happiness.

10. Mel's Father

Virgin River loves a good old cliffhanger, and the biggest one right now involves Mel's father. It was revealed in the holiday episodes that the father is a new character named Everett Reid. It looks like he's ready to come into Mel's life. But there is some explosive secret he is ready to reveal. And it is about to shake things up for everyone in Virgin River.

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Smith has confirmed that Season 6 will delve deeper into this revelation and Everett's arc, making him a recurring character. So get ready to see a lot more of him.

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