10 Sneaky Plot Holes You Missed In Friends

10 Sneaky Plot Holes You Missed In Friends
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Have you noticed them all?

It's pretty common for sitcom creators to write each new episode like it's a separate story with beloved characters. Everything is done for comedic effect and wow factor. As a result, new concepts, character traits, and never-before-seen details make their way into later seasons of sitcoms. Some of these additions become part of the show's canon, while others are forgotten after one use.

The writers of Friends often did this with their stand-alone episodes. At various times, the six Manhattan friends ended up with amusing quirks and memorable facts in their biographies. These moments added to the show's humor, but they didn't always stick. In fact, some of them were later contradicted by new jokes.

Should we be upset by this occasional disregard for continuity? Not really. However, spotting these little plot holes and inconsistencies can be a fun exercise for fans. Here are a few that we've noticed. Let's see if you've caught them, too.

1. Rachel & Chandler

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In the pilot episode, Rachel and Chandler are introduced to each other as if meeting for the first time. However, later flashbacks reveal that they actually met before, spent two Thanksgivings under the same roof, and even made out.

2. Rachel & Monica

When Rachel arrives at the coffeehouse in her wedding dress, it seems like she hasn't seen Monica in ages, and Monica seems oblivious to Rachel's wedding. But the flashbacks in later seasons show them running into each other at a bar not long before and discussing Rachel's engagement ring.

3. Chandler & Dogs

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One of the best episodes of the show clearly states that Chandler has a phobia of all kinds of dogs. But in other episodes, we see him interacting with dogs without any apparent fear or discomfort. At one point, he even agrees to take care of Phoebe's three puppies.

4. Phoebe & Bambi

In the sixth season, Phoebe says that she cried for three days after watching Bambi as a child. But earlier she mentions that Bambi was one of the movies her mother turned off so she wouldn't see the sad ending.

5. Monica & Massages

Phoebe is mad at Monica when she walks in on her getting a massage from someone else. It is explained that Monica always refuses Phoebe's massages. However, earlier Phoebe complains about two clients who are poor tippers, and these people turn out to be Monica and Ross.

6. Ross & Ice Cream

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One of the episodes establishes that Ross doesn't eat ice cream because it hurts his teeth. But there is a famous scene where Ross throws away a cone after Marcel licks it. Also, Ross enjoys ice cream on a date with Elizabeth.

7. Joey & Air Quotes

Joey's unfamiliarity with air quotes provides comedic relief during a tense conversation with Ross about his 'accidental' proposal to Rachel. However, in earlier episodes, Joey demonstrates the proper use of air quotes.

8. Chandler & Crying

In a memorable episode, the storyline focuses on Chandler's struggle to cry, with Monica trying to break that barrier. However, we see Chandler shedding tears on several occasions in earlier episodes.

9. Monica & Sleeping

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During Monica's relationship with Richard, it's a big point of discussion that she has to sleep on a certain side of the bed. Yet, when she later moves in with Chandler, Monica is seen occupying the opposite side of that very same bed.

10. Ross & Virginity

In the first season, there is a pretty big reveal that Ross had only been with one woman (his ex-wife Carol) before the show started. However, later chapters show that in high school he made out with a 50-year-old librarian and in college had sex with the lady who cleaned his dorm.

Did you notice all these inconsistencies in Friends?