It can be discouraging to see dead spots in your yard, especially after all the hard work you’ve done. However, you don’t have to really worry. With the right materials and methods, you can restore the vitality and beauty of your landscape. It is crucial to get to the root of the issue in order to fix the dead patches and stop them from coming back.

Aside from being unsightly, dead patches in your green yard can also be an indication of a major problem. Here are several reasons why you might be seeing brown spots in your lawn:


After the snow has melted, dead spots might appear in places where the salt came in contact with the grass. Typically, salts are utilized to keep driveways and sidewalks clear in the winter.

To avoid this, you should always be cautious when placing salt in the winter. This will help lower the damage. You can also offer the grass with extra water in the spring. You might have to reseed the affected spots if the areas stay the same.


Gasoline, pesticides, herbicides, or any other forms of chemicals can kill the grass quickly. Search for a dead spot where you might have topped up your mower, mixed up chemicals, or has the same shape of a spill.

After the spill occurs, you should thoroughly water the area.


Typically, cats or dogs urinate in the exact area. Over time, this can cause brown spots since urine usually has high concentrations of nitrogen.

To avoid this, you should train your pets to urinate in a non-grass area or away from your property. As a preventative measure, thoroughly water the area immediately after use.

Wrong Mowing Methods

You can damage grass blades if the blades of your mower are too dull or too low. This will result in dead patches.

To make sure that the blades are sharp, you have to do regular maintenance on your mower. You should also set the blade’s height depending on the type of grass you have.


In large numbers, grubs are destructive to your lawn. You will also have a lot of dead patches if your lawn is infested with grubs. Typically, they are found in early summer or spring because of the overly saturated soil.

To get rid of dead patches, you have to rake the area and clear it for treatment. Apply a pesticide to the affected spot and thoroughly water it. If you don’t know how to properly apply a pesticide, you can contact a professional Lawn care Bakersfield Company for help.

Chinch Bugs

Oftentimes, you may confuse lawns that are infested with chinch bugs with lawns suffering from drought. Chinch bugs damage typically begins with yellow grass that will gradually turn to brown. Chinch bugs will then move to a healthy spot once the grass dies. This will result in the spreading of dead spots in your lawn.

Again, you can apply a pesticide to get rid of these bugs for good.