Top Moments Of Francesca's Love Life In Bridgerton Books: Who She Marries & More

Top Moments Of Francesca's Love Life In Bridgerton Books: Who She Marries & More
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Let's answer your most burning questions about Francesca Bridgerton.


  • To the surprise of many viewers, Bridgerton Season 3 introduced not one, but two love stories.
  • Francesca Bridgerton made her debut in the society and was named the Diamond of the Season.
  • She has two main suitors, one of whom is hand-picked by Queen Charlotte.
  • So who will Francesca choose to marry and how will her story continue afterwards? The source novels provide the answers.

To the surprise of many casual viewers, Bridgerton Season 3 tackled not one, but two love stories of the Bridgerton siblings. Of course, the friends-to-lovers romance of Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington is at the forefront of the chapter, but there is also Colin's younger sister Francesca, who made her social debut this year and unexpectedly stole many hearts with her beauty and somewhat reserved personality.

With the help of Lady Danbury, who seems to have a special bond with Violet and her kids, Francesca (played this season by Hannah Dodd, following in the footsteps of Ruby Stokes) was announced as the season's Diamond by Queen Charlotte, making her a much sought-after bachelorette.

The Queen even invited Marquis Samadani (David Mumeni) from Vienna to court her Diamond. But it looks like the sixth Bridgerton is more interested in another suitor, John Stirling, Earl of Kilmartin (Victor Alli). So who will Francesca choose in the end, and why wasn't her love story told in a separate season?

The Bridgerton book series by Julia Quinn gives us all the answers.

Who does Francesca marry?

Actually, there's no Marquis Samadani in the books. He was introduced specifically for the show, probably as a nod to the love triangle trope that every Bridgerton couple has to go through.

Quinn's Francesca marries John Stirling, and it is the quietest union in the family. It even happens off the page, somewhere between the third (Benedict's An Offer from a Gentleman) and fourth (Colin's Romancing Mr. Bridgerton) novels.

The couple moves to Scotland, and the first years of their marriage are barely mentioned in the books. But that's just the beginning of the story.

So what is Francesca's novel about?

Unfortunately, as cute as they are together, John is not Francesca's endgame in the canon. Her solo novel When He Was Wicked (the sixth in the series) begins with tragedy.

Two years into their marriage, John succumbs to a sudden brain aneurysm. Francesca suffers a miscarriage from the shock and is left in deep mourning, which lasts for four years before she finds a new love.

So at its core, the book is about grief, moving on, and second chances, which makes it stand out in the series. It also helps that Francesca's second love is so amazing.

Who is Francesca's endgame?

When He Was Wicked focuses on John's cousin, Michael Stirling, and his unwavering love for Francesca. He falls in love with her the moment he sees her on the night of her engagement to John, and as the years pass, his love only deepens.

But the loss of his cousin and friend hits him hard, and even though he inherits John's title and estate, the guilt won't let Michael be near Francesca. He moves to India to try to get her out of his mind. But when that doesn't work, he returns, and the two gradually find their way to each other.

It's a poignant and deeply moving story that Quinn's fans can't wait to see brought to the screen. It is unlikely that When He Was Wicked will be the basis for Bridgerton Season 4, but if things go the book route, in Season 3 Part 2, we will get to meet Michael. So keep your eyes open, dearest Bridgerton stans.

Bridgerton Season 3 Part 2 premieres on Netflix June 13 at midnight PT.

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