The Real Love Triangle Of Bridgerton S3 Has Nothing To Do With Debling

The Real Love Triangle Of Bridgerton S3 Has Nothing To Do With Debling
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There is only one person who can break up Colin and Penelope's engagement.


  • The Bridgerton creators have a penchant for love triangles.
  • Every titular sibling is bound to have some sort of three-way conflict.
  • The Season 3 leads have already been involved in two major love triangles, but that's just the beginning.
  • An even bigger drama is apparently waiting to unfold in Bridgerton Season 3 Part 2.

Bridgerton Season 3 made it clear that the Shondaland showmakers aren't going to hold back when it comes to their favorite romantic trope: the love triangle. It looks like every Bridgerton sibling is bound to go through a three-way conflict.

Bridgerton Love Triangles

In Season 1, Daphne was torn between the family life offered by Prince Friedrich and the passion she felt for Simon Basset. In the same chapter, Colin got engaged to Marina Thompson, ripping the heart out of Penelope Featherington's chest. In Season 2, the love triangle between Anthony and the Sharma sisters went so far that Viscount Bridgerton almost married the wrong woman.

Of course, Season 3 is no exception. If anything, we see several love triangles this season. Penelope got herself a new suitor, Lord Debling, and now it is Colin's turn to stand jealously in the corner.

Also, Francesca has fallen into the Daphne situation, with Queen Charlotte naming her the Diamond of the Season and inviting the Marquis Samadani of Vienna to court her. The sixth Bridgerton, however, is much more interested in the socially shy John Stirling.

But all these complicated relationships are not even close to the main love triangle of Season 3.

The Main Love Triangle

The truly compelling love triangle of Season 3 is between Colin, Penelope and Eloise. Shonda Rhimes has always seen the relationship between Pen and Eloise as a kind of love story.

'For me, there's a big love story here between Pen and Eloise,' the Bridgerton creator said. 'You're rooting for Pen and Eloise to get back together and reunite that friendship.'

The friends broke up over the Lady Whistledown secret in the Season 2 finale. And the 'will they or won't they?' dynamic was brewing in Season 3, Part 1. But now, with Penelope set to become Colin's fiancée, the story takes on a new, even more exciting angle.

Based on the Season 3 Part 2 trailer and spoilers from Episode 5, we know that the Colin/Penelope engagement will hit Eloise hard. She is going to be upset that Penelope hid her secret writing hobby from Colin. But she is going to be even more upset about the fact that Colin is taking her best friend away from her.

Apparently, Eloise always thought (even when they were in the Whistledown fight) that she would forever be the central relationship in Pen's life. And now she is set to feel betrayed and used.

Will that bitter feeling be enough for her to try to break off her brother's engagement? Bridgerton Season 3 Part 2, premiering on Netflix on June 13, will show.

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Do you think the conflict between Eloise and Penelope will end with them rekindling their friendship?