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The Boys Fans Have Compelling Theory About Soldier Boy's Return In Season 4

The Boys Fans Have Compelling Theory About Soldier Boy's Return In Season 4
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Could the speculation be true?


  • After the wild Season 3, many fans of The Boys want to know if Jensen Ackles' Soldier Boy will return to the show.
  • While there have been no official announcements, rumor has it that the powerful Supe may make an appearance in Season 4.
  • And fans have already come up with an intriguing theory as to who exactly will resurrect him this time around.

The Boys Season 4, coming soon to Prime Video, promises a new wild ride of a journey for the Boys and the Seven. The trailer for the chapter certainly looks as gory and thrilling as fans could hope for.

There are a bunch of new characters to look forward to, including the mysterious Butcher's old buddy, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and three new members of the Seven, Sister Sage, Firecracker, and someone hiding behind the Black Noir mask.

So far, though, longtime fans seem to be more excited about the rumored return of one old character. Specifically, many can't wait to see what's in store for Jensen Ackles' Soldier Boy.

Soldier Boy's Return

Although the show's creators have not made it official, there are some hints that we will see Soldier Boy in Season 4. As a reminder, the ultra-powerful Supe was introduced in Season 3 as an ally of the Boys that Butcher planned to use against Homelander. Even the fact that the leader of the Seven turned out to be Soldier Boy's biological son didn't stop the murderous team.

After Soldier Boy failed to take down Homelander in the Season 3 finale due to Butcher's erratic decisions, Ackles' character was knocked out by his own explosion, and the last we see of him is heavily sedated in a box in a secret facility controlled by Grace Mallory.

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Previously, Soldier Boy had been held captive in a Russian experimental facility for nearly four decades. However, the online rumor mill has it that this round, Soldier Boy's time in captivity may be significantly shorter, which has fans buzzing with theories about who may be responsible for his release and how the story will proceed from here.

Fan Speculation

The major fan theory is that the new Big Bad of The Boys Season 4 will be the one who resurrects Soldier Boy. And that villain is none other than Victoria Neuman. With her journey in the original series and the spinoff Gen V (where she got hold of a deadly virus that can kill any Supe), Neuman has established herself as a major player who has no interest in joining Vought or the Boys.

The most likely candidate to become the new Vice President, Neuman clearly has her own agenda, with the safety of herself and her daughter as her primary concern. So far, she's reluctantly teamed up with Homelander, but the sociopathic killer isn't exactly a dream ally. So Neuman may want another powerful Supe on her side. That's where Soldier Boy comes in.

Neuman has the means and the reasons to wake Soldier Boy from his slumber. Plus, such an alliance could be mutually beneficial. After Butcher's betrayal in the Season 3 finale and Homelander's rise as America's top superhero, Soldier Boy stands out as the only character besides Victoria Neuman who holds a grudge against both the Boys and the Seven.

Once he's back in action, Soldier Boy is bound to seek revenge against both factions. In this scenario, Neuman could be a valuable ally, with her deadly power (she's a head-popper, remember?), possession of a virus vital to Supes, and considerable political influence.

Could this formidable duo become Season 4's Big Bad? We will soon find out. The first three episodes of The Boys Season 4 will premiere on Prime Video on June 13th.

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