Fan Theories Suggest 9-1-1 Scraping the Bottom of the Disaster Barrel for Season 8

Fan Theories Suggest 9-1-1 Scraping the Bottom of the Disaster Barrel for Season 8
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The writers may highlight relevant catastrophic events in California.


  • Season 7 provided an intriguing cliffhanger, but fans are concerned whether the writers will have enough resources to generate new compelling storylines.
  • Fans have speculated that the writers may emphasize natural disasters.
  • However, the new season's potential antagonists could be a major source of conflict and drama.

Viewers' interest in the drama unfolding at 118 has only grown as the latest season of 9-1-1, while filled with top-notch action scenes, followed the protagonists as they confronted their ghosts from the past and attempted to overcome new obstacles brought about by characters old and new.

But this leaves many fans with an important question: How long will the writers be able to find inspiration for future seasons? How long will they be able to find new sources of drama and conflict?

With that in mind, viewers have been speculating about potential storylines for the upcoming season, and one intriguing theory suggests that the new source of drama could be disasters, whether natural or man-made.

Terrifying Disasters May Await the 118 in Season 8

Throughout the seven seasons of 9-1-1, we've seen all kinds of incidents that Los Angeles' first responders have to deal with. From a stuck roller coaster in the vein of Final Destination to a crashed plane, from dealing with criminals to a woman hit by a meteorite, the writers have provided a wide range of plot twists, from the incredibly serious to the almost surreal.

But what the series has dealt with the least are the cataclysms. Of course, such events already happened. For example, in Season 2, the 7.1 earthquake wreaks havoc in the City of Angels, and in Season 3, the tsunami devastates the Santa Monica Pier.

The spin-off 9-1-1: Lone Star also featured natural disasters: In Season 3, Austin, Texas was hit by a severe blizzard, and at the beginning of Season 4, the employees of the 126 faced the devastating effects of a derecho.

Given that it's been a while since such incidents have been covered on a main show, fans believe it's disasters that Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Tim Minear will emphasize in the upcoming season.

The decision to reintroduce catastrophic events into the narrative may be triggering for California viewers, but there's no denying that first responders face such risks on a daily basis, and it's dangerous situations that allow the characters to open up as much as possible.

However, Season 8 True Disaster Is the Annoying Characters

But let's not forget that the root of 'disaster' may not be natural hazards, but people themselves. Now the station's staff will have to endure the hardships of two new (well, one of them is old) antagonists, Olivia Ortiz (Veronica Falcón) and Vincent Gerrard (Brian Thompson).

At the beginning of Season 7, Hen (Aisha Hinds) ignored an aggressive young man at the scene of a car accident earlier in the season who was clearly in an altered state of consciousness. Unfortunately, this led to his death. And he happened to be the son of Councilwoman Olivia Ortiz. Now the grieving mother is trying to get revenge on Hen for her son's death: first she destroyed her and Karen's plans to adopt Mara, and now Hen is in danger of losing her job.

Then, after Bobby returned from the hospital, everyone learned that he had resigned as captain, and the new chief of Station 118 is the racist and homophobic Gerrard, who caused a lot of trouble for Chimney and Hen in Season 2 due to his deep-seated bigotry. Moreover, after Tim Minear posted a sneak peek on his Facebook page, there is every reason to believe that Ortiz and Gerrard may be in cahoots.

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So who knows, maybe these two will be the main disaster? In the end, they could become a major hindrance, preventing 118 from responding to wildfires or hurricanes.

Source: Reddit.