Bridgerton's Lady Whistledown Unmasking Is Imminent, So How Will It Go? 5 Fan Theories

Bridgerton's Lady Whistledown Unmasking Is Imminent, So How Will It Go? 5 Fan Theories
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Each of these has its flaws. Which one do you prefer?

There's no doubt that the upcoming Part 2 of Bridgerton Season 3 will be all about Lady Whistledown's secret. If the first four episodes were almost drama-free and had a strong romcom vibe, the second half of the Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton chapter will hit fans hard with angst and suspense.

With the Queen determined to expose Lady Whistledown and Eloise aware of who she is, there's no way Penelope can keep her gossip business hidden from Colin, the Bridgertons, and the ton.

But how exactly will the big reveal happen? Here are the top five fan theories.

1. The Book Scenario

We know from the Season 3, Part 2 teasers and trailer that Queen Charlotte will play a big role in unmasking Lady Whistledown. Apparently, the Queen will offer a reward for information about the infamous columnist. And Cressida Cowper will make it her mission to get that money (we know she desperately needs it to get out of her cold home).

This is very similar to what happened in the source book for the season, Julia Quinn's Romancing Mister Bridgerton. In the novel, Cressida finds out that Pen is writing the column and tries to blackmail the main character. However, Colin, who is already Penelope's husband, intervenes and reveals his wife's secret to the ton, thus protecting her.

The revelation goes smoothly, everyone accepts the truth and moves on. However, Lady Whistledown is not as hated in the book as she is in the show. So if the book scenario stays in Part 2, the big scandal seems impossible to avoid.

2. The Family Secret

The trailer clearly shows that Eloise is not going to let her brother marry a woman who is keeping such a big secret from him. So unless Penelope can sweet-talk her friend, she will have to come clean with Colin. However, the third Bridgerton is already in love, and it is likely that he will be able to come to terms with his fiancée's hobby. He may even convince his family to accept Pen with her Lady Whistledown quill.

That way, only the Bridgertons will know who Lady Whistledown is, and Penelope can continue her writing. But she will have to refrain from gossiping about her new family, who, let's face it, are the main source of news in the ton.

3. The Union With the Queen

As we've written before, Queen Charlotte is set to be a major player in the Lady Whistledown arc. In fact, she has always had this love-hate relationship with the columnist and her sheet. On the one hand, she hates it when someone banter with her, but on the other hand, she would die of boredom if it weren't for Whistledown.

So there is a possibility that the Queen might forgive Pen once she talks to her face to face, and even take her under her wing on the condition that she never makes fun of the royal family again.

4. The Official Status

Expanding on the previous theory, some fans think that Charlotte could not only become Penelope's ally, but make her an official royal court writer, publishing a column under her own name.

Of course, this would break many of the social norms of the Regency period, but it would fit well with the theme of female empowerment and allow the Season 3 main character to continue her hobby in future chapters.

5. The Successor

In the original book, Penelope gives up her column after being exposed in front of the ton. Instead, she writes a semi-autobiographical novel called The Wallflower. This would be a fitting ending for Netflix's Pen as well.

However, this would mean that the show would have to continue without the amazing Julie Andrews narration, which fans are not willing to accept. So the most intriguing theory is that another character will pick up the quill and continue writing the Whistledown column. That way, we would have a new Bridgerton mystery to solve. Exciting, right?

Bridgerton Season 3 Part 2 premieres on Netflix June 13 at midnight PT.

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