Though elements that impact the beauty and health of your lawn such as soil type or extreme weather can be difficult to manage, others are preventable and treatable. This is especially true if you’ve got the right tools and materials.

The appearance and quality of your lawn can be affected negatively by rodents and other small pests that dig, tunnel, or burrow in search of shelter or food. To help you effectively get rid of them and prevent them from returning, you should first know what type of critter is the cause of your lawn’s damage.

Ground Squirrels

Ground squirrels have the same characteristics as tree squirrels. However, they create their shelter in an underground burrow, instead of a tree den. Ground squirrels eat a range of twigs, leaves, plants, and other organic matter. They might also damage parts of your sprinkler system. It can be hard to do a proper Lawn care Torrance if there are large raised dunes. It might also pose a tripping danger whenever you try to walk on your lawn.


You might have several pocket gophers living underground if you notice horseshoe or crescent-shaped dunes of the earth around your lawn. A gopher’s main diet is plant. However, they might cause additional damage since they might chew on your sprinkler lines.

Raccoons or Skunks

Several holes across your garden and lawn might be the work of raccoons or skunks. In their pursuit of food, these pests are relentless. They can cause huge damage as they dig up your yard in search of grubs.


Voles are almost the same as field mice. Though they might have a lot of similar characteristics as moles, they’re often found closer to the surface eating flower bulbs, root vegetables, blades of grass, and more.


These creatures eat insects living underneath the soil of your yard. They can forage and dig underground using their short limbs with long claws and long and pointy noses. You might notice raised ridges in your yard as they create their tunnels and move around.

How to Get Rid of these Pests

You can start incorporating measures to take back control of your lawn after you’ve identified the cause of the damage. Here are several tips:

Ammonia has a strong and unpleasant odor that might work to deter pests. You can soak strips of cloths in ammonia and place them at entry points in your lawn. You can also spray full strength on your fence.

One effective repellant to moles, squirrels, rats, and other pests is predator urine granules. You can spread them around your lawn.

You can use humane traps to catch and get rid of pests and rodents from your lawn.

Several pests, such as crows and raccoons, might tear up your lawn when looking for grubs. The best way to prevent this from happening is to get rid of their food source. That is why you should do proper grub control. If required, you can utilize a pesticide to kill grubs.